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Our Gray and Blue Nursery Tour


One of the most fun parts of house hunting was knowing we’d get to create a space especially for our baby–the thought of squeezing all three of us into our little apartment made us extra grateful for the opportunity! There are three bedrooms in our house, and we chose the room right across from ours to be the nursery. I read recently that nurseries are often one of the only opportunities people have to design a room totally from scratch, and definitely found that true for us. It was a little overwhelming at first, but choosing the furniture and little details turned out to be such a joyful project, and one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. I’d love to show you how it turned out today!

With almost everything baby-related, simplicity and quality have been our mottos. I don’t think babies really need all that much, and it was more important to me that our nursery was simple and peaceful than decked out with toys and gadgets. The mobile is my favorite thing in the whole room–it was a bit of a splurge on our registry that was gifted to us by some sweet friends at my baby shower. The quality is gorgeous, and I’m certain that every single one of our future babies is going to be looking up at it someday!

blue-and-gray-nurseryanimal-mobileOne of the reasons we chose this room for the nursery is the window seat! Someday, we’ll make a cushion for it and turn it into a cozy spot for reading, but for now, it’s perfect for holding a basket with nursing/pumping supplies (a tip I picked up from my friend Rhi)…and baby boy’s initials ;)

gray-nursery-detailsMy inspiration for the whole room began with that chambray “Texas forever” banner! Southern Weddings readers may recognize it from my all-time favorite editorial–it’s one of the only props I’ve ever kept from a shoot, and I LOVE the way it looks on the wall. We were originally going to go for even more of a Texan theme in the room (or George Strait theme, as Dave likes to say :)), and might add a few more touches as baby boy grows (I’d love to use one of these cactus fine art photos somewhere), but for now, I’m pretty happy with things as they are.

texas-forever-bannerDave came across this C.S. Lewis quote on Facebook one day, and we both loved it so much. As soon as we found out we were having a boy, I knew I wanted to have a custom print made so we could display it, and Alex of Prairie Letter Shop did a beautiful job!

c-s-lewis-calligraphy-printWe had planned to get a dresser to use as a changing table, but with everything else we had to buy for the house this summer, our budget for one was maybe a little unrealistic. I stalked Craigslist and sales for weeks before deciding to stop stressing about it and use one of our Ikea Kallax shelves instead, at least for now. The wicker baskets hold 1. extra diapers and wipes, 2. swaddles, crib sheets, and changing pad covers, and 3. miscellaneous supplies. The open basket holds easily accessible diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, and hand sanitizer. Here’s hoping this system works as well in real life as it does in my head–I’ll keep you posted :)

blue-and-gray-nursery-furniturebaby-boy-closetUm, hello tiny polo shirt! The closet is where most of our baby items are stored–toys in the blue ombre basket, books, clothes (we have newborn clothes on the shelf and other sizes organized in the gray bin), bath supplies and towels in the navy basket, and supplies we won’t need right away/as often on the top shelf.


Y’all, I can’t tell you how happy this room makes me! Even though you definitely don’t need a finished nursery by a baby’s arrival, it feels so comforting to me to have it ready to go, and I hope CKK likes it as much as I do :)

Sources: Paint / Crib / Crib sheet / Mobile / Activity gym / Nursing supplies basket / Laundry basket / Glider / Gingham pillow / Blanket / Calligraphy print / Calligraphy banner / Shelves / Wicker baskets / Changing table basket / Changing pad / Changing pad cover / Diaper bag






  1. Victoria says:

    It’s perfect!!! I feel so connected with this nursery because of the Texas Forever banner, haha! I’m just so so excited for you, friend! You did a great job on the nursery, and the changing station will be perfect! Ours has worked great, but I often think about how I could just as easily always change Beau on the floor, and often do, no biggie! :)

  2. Catherine says:

    It’s adorable! I love just a calming, neutral nursery. Aren’t the little clothes hanging in the closet just the most exciting thing?! And I love your diaper bag!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, girl! Oh my goodness, the tiny clothes are the best–one of our friends bought an outfit for the baby based on what they thought Dave would wear if he shopped at Baby Gap for himself, which made me laugh so much! :)

  3. Debbie says:

    Absolutely Love it!

  4. Mary says:

    Beautiful, peaceful nursery. I agree that simple is best and I think you’ll be fine with using that as a makeshift changing table. We used a dresser in the early days at the apartment, but we just as often used the floor, couch, our bed…etc. :) I think you have a great system with those baskets and good-sized closet.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, Mary! I feel like putting any organization systems into place has been total guesswork, so that’s really encouraging :)

  5. Ali Chamberlain says:

    Beautiful! Baby CKK will feel so cozy and happy in his nursery :).

  6. Kyla Fetzner says:

    This is beautiful Lisa! That mobile is the cutest thing and the special touch from the editorial is a lovely way to tie your work, and your Texas roots, into your little man’s space. :)

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you so much, Kyla! Now that I think about it, there are not too many wedding magazine props that would work in a baby boy’s space haha, but I was lucky that this one did! ;)

  7. It looks beautiful!! Love everything but especially the banner, mobile, and the color of the walls!! And the tiny baby clothes are so adorable!! :)

  8. Em says:

    A most perfect home for a favorite shoot prop :) CKK will love it!

  9. Kristina says:

    So beautiful, Lisa! When I saw the banner I was wandering if it was the one from the shoot – what a great story that will make some day to tell your son. And I just love how simple you have decorated the nursery, I don’t have kids but I just can’t imagine that a teeny tiny baby needs all the stuff society makes us believe that they need. Good for you to keep it nice and simple :)

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, Kristina! All the “stuff” definitely felt overwhelming, so I’m happy with what we opted for to start…and I figure we can always add to it as we go!

  10. Dana says:

    It turned out so perfectly!!!

  11. Love the sweet simplicity of this nursery! That mobile is just adorable :)

  12. So beautiful! I love the initial block letters! We just had our baby, Peter Karol, and I’d love to snag a ‘K’ somewhere – for some reason ‘K’s are always gone! Where did you find it?

    • Lisa says:

      Dave and I have discussed multiple times how much we love your boy’s name :) My friend who hosted my shower actually got them for us and used them at the party, so I’m not sure, but I’ll ask her!


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