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March Goals


I started February feeling a little bit overwhelmed, but it turned out to be a really great month. Looking back, I think what made it so good was that it felt very balanced: lots of time with the Lord in prayer (I’ve been reading Blessed Is She every morning before journaling and I absolutely love it!), really sweet time with Dave, great workouts and healthy eating (this and this are my current favorite recipes), travel, and time with friends. No question, the highlight of the month was Valentine’s Day. Dave surprised me by showing up at my door at 4 A.M., told me what to wear, and brought me to the car. Two hours later, we were alone on Wrightsville Beach with a thermos of hot coffee, watching the sun come up over the ocean. It was the perfect surprise date and the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. We kept joking that if we weren’t already engaged, this would’ve made for a darn good proposal setup!

Valentines Day 2015

Did anyone know I have glasses? I have worn them in public maybe twice ever, but I love this picture, so I’m posting it anyway :)

February Goals

  • Prayer journal at least three times a week
  • Go to Confession and a Holy Hour with Dave
  • Reread Love and Responsibility (Got sidetracked by picking up a different book first–see below!)
  • Complete the Tone It Up Love Your Body series and start their Bridal Edition
  • Run 40 miles (Almost! Finished the month at 35)
  • Clean out my closet and donate/sell items I no longer wear (left over from January) (Made $107 selling to Plato’s Closet!)
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

March Goals

  • Celebrate Dave’s 26th birthday!
  • Continue prayer journaling at least three times a week, and reading Blessed Is She every morning
  • Finish reading Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves (Incredible book so far…highly recommend!)
  • Start rereading Love and Responsibility
  • Stay consistent with the Tone It Up Bridal Edition
  • Run 40 miles






  1. Victoria says:

    Maybe it’s the cute glasses.. or just the photo.. but y’all are starting to have the true characteristic of a married couple- starting to kind of look alike! Haha! ;)

    • Lisa says:

      Haha!! I haven’t heard that we look alike before, but we have found ourselves dressed alike a handful of times! :P

  2. lena says:

    What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

  3. Dana says:

    Awww so sweet! Cute picture!


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