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Playing Catch Up


Now that things have calmed down a little bit at work and I’m back from Bridal Market, let’s get caught up! I wish I could get together for coffee with each of you to chat, but maybe this is the next best thing. The past year has been one of the busiest and most exciting years of my life, and before diving into the fun new posts I have planned for Something Pretty, I thought a little recap was in order. Here’s what I was up to in the year I took off of blogging!

Lisa timeline

Now, I’m planning our wedding (6 1/2 months to go!), decorating my new apartment (which Dave will move into after our wedding), getting ready for my second magazine launch at work, trying to cut five minutes off of my 5k time by the end of the year, cooking up healthy recipes, and doing my best to make the most of fall! I’d love to know, what are you up to these days? Let’s catch up!

Photos: August 2013: Landon Jacob, September 2013: Amy Arrington Photography, November 2013: Callie Davis, June 2014: Ryan Ray






  1. lena says:

    So delighted you shared what you’ve been up to lately!

  2. I love the info-graphic catch up! I’m a new reader and can’t wait to follow along more! Congratulations on your almost one year engagement! I just watched your Zales video and you were adorable!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you so much, Liz! I was so nervous about that video, so your sweet words mean a lot! :) Happy weekend!

  3. lisa, i love your blog and your photos and everything that you’re planning and doing! :)

  4. Dana says:

    I guess re-launch of Something Pretty went without saying, though I’m pretty excited!!!!


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