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BHLDN Week: Q&A With a Stylist


When I chat with brides about their weddings, one concern that seems to pop up often is how to create a bridal look that is a true reflection of the bride’s personal style. I admit, this is no easy task! Bridal stores with rows upon rows of white dresses can be super overwhelming, but that’s no reason to settle for just any white ballgown. For today’s BHLDN Week post, I interviewed one of BHLDN‘s fabulous stylists, Sara Murray, to find out her favorite tips and tricks for creating a look that a bride will completely love.

BHLDN hairpieces{Dotted Voile VeilMontparnasse Headband}

How would you describe the BHLDN bride?

The BHLDN bride is wonderfully unique: she is quirky and fun, she recognizes traditional elements of the wedding day–but is sure to make each aspect her own. She is thoughtful, creative and truly one-of-a-kind.

BHLDN bridal gowns{Windswept Gown, Blossoming Weir Gown}

What are some ways a bride can create a look that is uniquely her own on her wedding day?

Infuse personal details. It’s all about picking pieces that speak to you and your fiancé! Do you love photography? Pick out some camera cufflinks! Have a cute nickname for each other, like “grizzly bear”? Put some bears on your cake! Favorite colors, foods, places, you name it–make sure the day represents Y-O-U.

BHLDN accessories{Effervescence Clutch, Lambertville Brooch}

What are some of your favorite unexpected bridal accessories?

I love adding sparkle to any ensemble, whether it be in a traditional accessory sense like some gorgeous jewels–or glitter all over shoes, a fun unexpected clutch or a touch of sparkle and shine within her veil!

BHLDN party dresses{Tea Rose DressFénelon Dress}

What bridal trend are you most excited about for 2013?

I always gravitate towards the quirky and unique, so anything with personality! Unique little décor details like cake toppers or vessels in an array of vibrant springtime hues. I’m excited about it all!

BHLDN shoes{Elopement PumpsCendrillon d’Orsays}

What is your best advice for a bride looking for her dream gown?

Talk to experts, like the stylists! We like to make sure you feel wonderfully comfortable and look fantastic. We want to get the fit and styling just right and talk you through every step of the way– so don’t hesitate to ask for help!

I couldn’t agree more with Sara’s fabulous advice–especially about seeking advice from stylists. You’ll see later in the week just how much magic they can work, but we’ll save that for later. :) Thank you so much, Sara!

Love, Lisa

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  1. This is such great advice…I can’t wait read more from your BHLDN week!

  2. Dana says:

    who can say no to a personal stylist?! loving bhldn week :)

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