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Winter Bouquet


Good news, y’all…I have found the PERFECT winter bouquet! And thanks to the lovely ladies over at The Wedding Chicks, I also have the recipe for re-creating it. I wish I knew the names of more flowers so that I could write bouquet recipes myself! Is there a flower encyclopedia or something, and if there is, can someone send it to me for Christmas? ;)

This bouquet was crafted by Lani Elizabeth, and to have your florist recreate it, just bring them this handy list:

  • White anemones (7 stems)
  • Wine burgundy ranunculus (7 stems)
  • White veronica (15 stems)
  • Bells of Ireland (5 stems)
  • Maiden hair fern (15 stems)
  • Asparagus fern (7 stems)
  • Wine mini calla lilies (7 stems)
  • Green hypericum berries (5 stems)
  • Berzelia berries (5 stems)
  • Green kermit mums (5 stems)

Click here to see more of The Wedding Chicks’ bouquet recipes–I also love the Ranunculus and Peony bouquet, and the Succulent bouquet. Gorgeous!

What are you favorite flowers for the winter?



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  1. Dana says:

    pretttty! it really is the perfect winter bouquet!

  2. Kristen says:

    i like the anemone best :)

  3. Lena says:

    Holy mother of pretty-what a gorgeous bouquet!


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