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A Little Makeover


Happy Monday!

As you can probably see, I did a little bit of makeover work on Something Pretty over the weekend!

I just felt like it was time for an update, and my boring old layout was no place for my beautiful new logo to live! :P It was designed by Paige of Parachute Paper Company, who I finally had the pleasure of meeting in person this weekend at a mutual friend’s beautiful wedding. She is even sweeter in person than she is over e-mail, as well as ridiculously talented, so any brides looking for an invitation suite, be sure to shoot her a message!

Some other things I like about this new layout are the Twitter and Facebook buttons on top, so it’ll be easy to find Something Pretty on whatever social networking site you prefer! You can also find me on Bloglovin’, Pinterest, and via e-mail subscription, using the sidebar on the right.

I’ll be tweaking everything over the next few days, but I hope you all like the new look and find it cleaner and easier to navigate. I’d love to hear what you think!



Picture from Style Me Pretty






  1. Danielle says:

    I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!! so much prettier!! ahhhhhhh!!!! and Im totally getting to the style profile thingy jajajaj im such a mess! ahh! pen pal I miss you!

  2. Jackie says:

    Lisa, I love it!!! :D

  3. Dana says:

    very cute new heading! i like this new look better than the old look and even better than the old old look!

  4. ashleeg1 says:

    I love the little flower above the “i” in your new heading. :)

  5. Love the new layout!

    p.s. thanks for commenting on the red dress post. I was really curious to see what you would say about it :)

  6. Kristen says:

    the banner is so cuuuteeeee!!!


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