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Seeking Inspiration


It has been one of those weeks where I feel pretty darn uninspired… I think midterms are to blame. So what better to remedy a few days of “blah” than pretty inspiration boards?

That being said, I have not made any post-worthy ones myself (yet! I will keep practicing!), but I love to look at the way other people piece random pictures together to create a gorgeous vision for a wedding, a party, a room, or even an outfit. Here are some of my favorite inspiration boards to admire…made by everyone but me. :)

{Antique Peach and Blue from Snippet & Ink, the queen of inspiration boards! She has 518 of them posted on her website. All sheer amazingness.}

{A dreamy rainbow board from 100 Layer Cake. Pass the macarons, s’il vous plait!}

{The mood of this board is described as “playful vintage sweethearts.” Precious! From Snippet & Ink}

{Had to include this “lemon meringue” themed board due to my recently developed love of yellow (see here). Thank you again, Snippet & Ink! :)}

{I just watched the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland this week for the first time, so when I found this board inspired by the movie, I was smitten. I could never have an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, but I would love to go to one! From Green Wedding Shoes}

{Another amazing movie-themed board from Green Wedding Shoes! This one has got to be my favorite, because I am in love with balloons in weddings, globes, brightly colored heels, and the movie Up!}

Feeling inspired yet? :)








  1. Victoria says:

    These are definitely inspiring enough to un-blah your day!

  2. Oh I LOVE these inspiration boards!! If I wasn’t before, I’m definitely feeling inspired now. :)

    xo http://www.RavingFashionista.com


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