I'm Lisa Kirk, a wife, mama, writer, and founder. Since 2010, Something Pretty has been home to my favorite memories, reflections, and inspirations. Thanks so much for reading!

As I mentioned yesterday, summer is well known as “wedding season,” and for good reason! Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting married between June and August. {Pros} Best chance of beautiful weather. Both indoor and outdoor (or a mix of both!) events are appropriate. Any color scheme under the sun […]


It’s pretty much one of my catch phrases here on Something Pretty that inspiration can come from anywhere. And by that, I mean that I got the inspiration for this board while eating fruit salad. My boyfriend and I both love summer peaches, and I started thinking about how to incorporate summer fruits into a […]


TGIF! I don’t know about you all, but doesn’t summer make every day feel a little more like a Friday? After such a gosh darn long winter, I’m still not over the beautiful weather every single day! One of my favorite color combinations, which I think works unquestionably best in the summertime, is lemon and […]



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