I'm Lisa Kirk, a wife, mama, writer, and founder. Since 2010, Something Pretty has been home to my favorite memories, reflections, and inspirations. Thanks so much for reading!

Today marks the last day of the most academically stressful semester I’ve ever had. Usually I finish semesters feeling a little bit sentimental and glad it’s over just so I can go home and have a break, but this time it feels more like relief that I got through it without breaking or failing. However, […]


Guess what? This is the last post you’ll be seeing on my current layout! Kelsey is doing her genius coding work this weekend, and the new look (which I’m obsessed with, by the way!) will be up by Monday’s gorgeous wedding. The end of summer always feels like a fresh start, and with my fifth […]


Since I grew up overseas, I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel since I was young.  Over the years, my family has collected many precious travel memories, and I love when we reminisce about our trips. My youngest sister Kristen has a knack for spotting brides in foreign countries, and she’s snapped pictures of brides […]



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