I'm Lisa Kirk, a wife, mama, writer, and founder. Since 2010, Something Pretty has been home to my favorite memories, reflections, and inspirations. Thanks so much for reading!

There is no doubt that 2011 has been a monumental year in weddings–from the royal wedding that had the whole world spellbound, to the Kardashian blowout that had the whole world, well, cringing. :P To finish off a wonderful year on Something Pretty, here are my favorite weddings of the year! {The Royal Wedding was […]


Happy Thursday! Thursday love lists are finally back…I’ve had a few tests falling on Thursdays lately, which puts a dent in my Wednesday night blogging! I have the prettiest round up for you today though–this week’s love list might be one of my all time favorites. So let’s get right to it!  {This is it… […]



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