I'm Lisa Kirk, a wife, mama, writer, and founder. Since 2010, Something Pretty has been home to my favorite memories, reflections, and inspirations. Thanks so much for reading!

Aelish Wilmot Photography for Something-Pretty.net

{Aelish Wilmot Photography} Today is my 23rd birthday! It is hard to believe that this blog has seen me through three birthdays already, and I am so incredibly excited about what’s coming up in the next year. Tonight, I’m having a low-key celebration with a few friends at a floral arranging class taught by the […]


Happy Friday! Sorry for the late start today–I was up late last night working on a really fun project that I hope I’ll get to share soon! I’m excited to be posting this week’s love list because I’m turning 22 on Sunday, and these are some of the favorite happy pictures as of late. John […]


April is my favorite month! Not only do I love Easter, the beginning of spring, and for me, the school year wrapping up, but it’s also my birthday month! I feel quite lucky to have diamonds as a birthstone ;) I like to surround myself with my favorite things even more than usual in April, […]



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