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A Pink Christmas Party for Emilia’s Baptism


Some of my favorite memories as a mother have been my children’s baptism days. Charlie was baptized in the church where Dave and I were married, by the priest who married us, on the crisp fall Saturday evening that fell on the feast day of Charlie’s patron Saint (we also hosted a dinner party for 20 after—something I clearly dreamed up before I had a baby!). Azelie was baptized in the quiet echo of our empty cathedral—the first time we had been allowed to set foot inside since the week after she was born—with just us, her godparents, and our priest present. Finally, our sweet Emilia was baptized during Sunday Mass on Gaudete Sunday, the third week of Advent that celebrates the joy of Christmas’ imminent arrival. With Azelie’s 2020 baptism still fresh in our minds, the chance to celebrate this most important day in Emilia’s life while completely surrounded by our family, friends, and church community felt all the more meaningful.

After Mass, we invited our friends to stop by for an open house brunch. Inspired by this being one of only two days each year when the priests wear rose vestments, I jumped at the opportunity to bring a pink Christmas party to life! Even though my holiday decor preferences skew far more traditional overall, putting this table together was a total delight. Seeing as how I didn’t edit these photos until spring, I have been holding on to them all year and am excited to finally share them today!
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One more note, since anyone who has done the math or seen how teeny Emilia was in these photos may have noted that she was only about three weeks old the day of her baptism. For the party we held after Charlie’s baptism, I set out to do pretty much everything and then wound up stressed out that I had to outsource some things at the last possible minute when I admitted (what felt like) defeat. This time, I knew that putting the table together and seeing my vision come to life would bring me joy, not stress. Emilia needed something or other by the time we got home from church, but I asked someone else to hold her while I took five minutes to set everything up, and then asked Dave to snap pictures right away. It may not sound like much, but the ability to ask for and accept help in motherhood, honestly, took me lots of therapy and prayer to be able to do, and is still something I find difficult. Being able to give myself those five minutes and know that it was the best thing for me—for us—felt like such a testament to how far I had come in my 6+ years as a mom. It makes me especially proud and grateful remembering that while looking back on the photos now!

Tablecloth: Lovely Lady Linens / Tartan plates, pink and red bottlebrush trees, sparkly pink ornaments, pink napkins, cupcake wrappers: Target / Gingerbread cupcakes with cranberry vanilla frosting: adapted from this recipe / Invitation: Paperless Post






  1. Em says:

    Bravo! Such a sweet spread and well done on the pink + Christmasy details. Love that little lady and you all.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I always love seeing your tablescapes for special events, Lisa. It’s clear you put so much thought into each one and I love reading about the meaning behind it all. This looks lovely!

  3. Emma says:

    What a wonderful idea and it looks beautiful! I cannot believe it took you only 5 minutes to put this together – would have taken me roughly 5 hours, haha! You are a force!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Lisa says:

      Haha! Everything was very planned out ahead of time (before she was born!), so I really was just placing things in the right spots! :) Merry Christmas!


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