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Raleigh Model Call!

Heart to Heart

As some of you may recall, a big part of my magazine job years ago was working on photo shoots. We did shoots all over the Southeast, and one of my main roles was what you might call model management. While Emily was always side-by-side with the photographer, styling details and manning the shot list, you could usually find me in whatever space we had set aside for hair, makeup, dresses (looking at you, Romona Keveza masterpiece that took me over an hour to steam every layer of tulle!), and models. To help create the joyful, authentic feel the magazine was beloved for, we almost always worked with reader “models” who simply volunteered their services and winning smiles for the day. Spending the day getting to know these women and helping them to feel beautiful and confident in front of the camera was SO much fun, and for almost five years now, I’ve thought that chapter of my career was over.

Until now. :)

I’m in the early stages of planning photo shoots for the brand I’m launching next year (!), and knew immediately that I want to embrace the same authenticity and magic that comes from gathering a group of women together who aren’t professional models; they’re just women who love a brand and represent it beautifully. Of course, I know y’all haven’t even seen this brand yet, so you’d be taking a bit of a leap of faith with me that you’ll like it! ;) In lieu of actual photos, though, here is a little bit of the heartbeat the business is being built on:

We don’t believe in doing it all, but we believe in doing what we do well.

We believe in wearing the pieces that make us look and feel our best every day, no matter who we’ll see.

We believe in creating, appreciating, and surrounding ourselves with beauty at every opportunity.

Most of all, we believe the world needs the unique genius that women offer in all areas of life and society.

If the mission above resonates with you, you’re local to Raleigh (or can get here easily), and you’d love to spend the day getting dolled up and hanging out with a group of amazing women while smiling for the camera, I’d love for you to complete this form to be considered for upcoming photo shoots. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!






  1. Dana says:

    I wish!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

  2. Morgan Cox says:

    I wish I lived closer so I could! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!


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