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Welcome to Something Pretty, the online home for some of my most cherished memories, reflections on faith and family, and my favorite classic style finds. I'm delighted you're here!

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Let’s Talk About Shoes + I Would LOVE Your Help!


A few weeks ago, I posted a series of polls on Instagram Stories about if women feel they’re dressing in a way that is true to their personal style. I was a bit taken aback by the answers–over 75% of women replied “no,” listing reasons that touched me with their honesty and vulnerability. I took these confessions to heart, especially because I can look back in my own life and see how my clothes directly reflected my confidence, creativity, and degree to which I prioritized self-care. I’ve been praying about how to address this with the wonderful women who read Something Pretty/follow me on Instagram (and hopefully beyond!), and the direction God has been nudging me has been…totally unexpected. Dave and I have sworn the specifics to secrecy in the early stages of what we’re working on, but would be so grateful for some insights from y’all as we tiptoe forward!

Out of all the different clothing categories, there is one that brings me the most joy, is what I spend the most money on, and, in my opinion, that pulls my outfits together the way that I want more than anything else (even in tricky seasons to dress for, like pregnancy/postpartum/carrying a drooly baby around all day!): shoes. I’d love to call upon the mamas who are reading to share a little bit about your shoe-wearing/shopping habits, if you’d be willing to share! Below, find the links to two different surveys: one for moms who work outside of the home (please note that this is referring to normal times, not pandemic times when so many more people have been working from home than usual), and one for moms who stay at home and/or work from home.

Mothers who work outside of the home (*in non-pandemic times), please find your survey HERE.

Mothers who stay at home and/or work from home, please find your survey HERE.

(If you have a unique set-up, such as working from an office a few days a week and from home the other days, please answer the “outside the home” survey!)

J. Crew yellow gingham flats

A review of Margaux NY The Demi flat

Sarah Flint Natalie flats

I am ambitiously hoping to collect 100+ responses for each survey, so if you’d be willing to pass this link along to your mama friends, I’d be SO grateful! Cannot wait to hear from you (and, of course, to fill you in on why I’m doing this as soon as I’m ready to!). Y’all are the very best!






  1. Teresa says:

    Most fun survey that I’ve ever completed! (And I love surveys so I complete a lot of them!)

  2. Dana says:

    Excited to see what you’re up to!

  3. Laura says:

    This sounds like an exciting surprise! I just completed the survey, and I forgot to name that where I live, it’s cold much of the year. I need shoes/boots I can wear with socks and wear in the ice and snow.
    Most of my “pretty shoes” only emerge from the closet for a few months a year because they aren’t weather appropriate.
    I get jealous of all the beautiful photos of spring in the South!


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