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Welcome to Something Pretty, the online home for some of my most cherished memories, reflections on faith and family, and my favorite classic style finds. I'm delighted you're here!

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The Perfect Classic Ballet Flats


For years, I bought a new pair of flats every fall, only to wear them into the ground and have to throw them away, or to get tired of the style by the following year. I loved the idea of saving up for a high-quality, super classic pair (I’ve always loved these!) that I could wear year after year, but other things always took priority. It felt like my choice was either/or–either fork over hundreds of dollars for a staple shoe that will really last, or keep buying new pairs. That all changed when I discovered Margaux a few years ago. Everything about this New York-based business appealed to me–the irresistibly classic silhouettes, the direct-to-consumer pricing, the high priority on comfort and fit, the “shoe capsule” concept, and the fact that they are women-founded and owned. I stopped into their beautiful store during Dave’s and my NYC trip a few years ago and had the chance to pick out my perfect pair of classic ballet flats (The Demi in navy) in person, which I found under my Christmas tree the next month. It has been two years since that and I honestly think I’ve worn these shoes weekly since I received them.

At $148, The Demi is one of Margaux’s lower-priced styles (they go up to $348), and I can attest that they are worth every penny. I rarely spend over $100 on anything for my closet, but I would confidently invest in any pair of Margaux shoes, having seen how beautifully my flats have held up through so much wear. I couldn’t say yes quickly enough when Margaux invited me to be one of their brand ambassadors a few months ago, especially because it means I can offer a discount to y’all! Use the code LISA for 10% off of your first order. The Mule in Rose Suede and The Loafer in Leopard are the next two on my wish list–I have no doubt I would wear them just as much, which would bring me to wearing Margaux approximately 3/7 days a week. Not the worst thing ;)

Dave snapped these pictures for me for an Instagram post the other day, but since this has been one of my favorite fall outfits this year, I wanted to share it here too. For more styling ideas for these flats, see how I’ve worn them in my September and October outfit diaries, with a dress, with jeans and a cozy sweater, out for drinks, and in the summer, to name just a few!

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  1. Mary says:

    You look great!! Love your outfit posts as always, girl!

  2. Dana says:

    Cute! This literally is the most perfect Annie James blazer.


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