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Six-Month Favorites


Azelie turned six months old over the weekend! I know how cliché it is for parents to say that time is flying (and, inspired by my friend Emily, I generally try to not dwell on that sentiment), but in the time warp that has been 2020, this milestone really snuck up on me. From day one, Azelie has been the sweetest little human I can imagine—she has all three of us utterly smitten with her. Although I frequently tell her she’s not allowed to grow up, I also can’t wait to learn more about how God created her. It has already been thrilling to see more of her personality emerge recently!

Over the last few weeks, she has started sitting unassisted (with a spotter, always!), her two bottom teeth poked through, she has sampled a few purees, and she has been showing much more interest in toys…or whatever Charlie is doing ;) Now that we feel officially out of the newborn stage with her, I wanted to share an update on our/her current favorite baby things. (If you missed it, peek back at our newborn favorites here.)

Wood and silicone teether: I didn’t really understand wooden teethers until we realized Azelie was constantly going after harder things to chew on. The combination of silicone and wood on this teether has made it an instant favorite for soothing her little gums. Love all the cute colors it comes in!

Bibs pacifiers: Azelie has been a fan of these pacifiers since she was born and they are still going strong. We keep one in her crib and take one on the go/around the house, attached to this adorable clip. Lately, she has been chomping on the clip almost as much as the pacifier.

Little Unicorn sleep bags: I dragged my feet on transitioning Azelie out of the swaddle…she slept near perfectly with it and I was not interested in that changing. There have been a few rough nights, but I think she has finally gotten used to having her arms out. We use these cotton muslin sleep bags, which seem nice and cool for our hot summer nights, and come in the sweetest prints.

Comotomo bottle: I honestly don’t have much experience with bottles. Charlie never took one, but I was really hopeful that Azelie wouldn’t hate them as much so I could have a little more freedom! Even though I’m not away from her much right now, we have been trying to give her a bottle every once in a while to get her accustomed to it. She took to this Comotomo bottle right away, no protests at all.

Ready, Set, Food: Speaking of bottles, we’ve been adding Ready, Set, Food packets to her bottles and some of her purees. This system was recommended to me by a fellow food allergy mom, and it aligned well with what our allergist has shared with us over the years about allergy prevention studies. We’ll see what happens, of course, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try!

Gathre mat: This leather mat has proved even more handy than I had anticipated. We tote it all over the place so that Azelie always has a clean, comfy spot to roll around and play. It’s so lightweight and easy to clean. I’ve been recommending it to all my expecting friends!

Jersey dresses: Azelie wears the dresses from this set multiple times a week. They’re really soft and pair perfectly with all the prints and patterns in her bow collection :)

A few things on my wish list for her to use during the coming months: the most adorable silicone bib, a set of pastel stacking cups, and these silicone blocks. The toys for this stage are so precious!

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  1. Dana says:

    What pattern sleep sack does Azelie have?! She is such a precious angel! Love her!


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