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Our Summer Joy List


As you may remember, my word for 2020 is JOY. And while this year has looked so different than I had anticipated when I chose that word, there has been so much joy in this year…even (especially) when it felt the hardest to find. The world feels heavy right now, for good reason, but I think that makes it all the more important to keep seeking out, fighting for, and creating opportunities for true, authentic, Holy Spirit-given joy and contentment. I’m printing out a copy of the list below so that we can refer to it often and be inspired to check off every item…hopefully more than once!

1. Go out for ice cream cones at our favorite ice cream shop.
2. Pick blueberries.
3. Play on our new backyard splash pad.
4. Catch fireflies.
5. Make popsicles.
6. Have a picnic in our favorite park.
7. Watch the stars.
8. Read a classic.
9. Swim in the neighborhood pool.
10. Take morning walks.
11. Drink rosé on the porch.
12. Pick up Merritt’s BLTs for a picnic.
13. Teach Charlie to play kickball.
14. Escape to the beach for a day.
15. Have a movie night on the screened-in porch.
16. Bake a pie.
17. Go on a date night.
18. Do a Holy Hour.
19. Write five snail mail letters.
20. Celebrate the Fourth of July.






  1. Your summer joy list sounds amazing, Lisa – catching fireflies with my cousins is one of my most vivid memories as a child! We are also on a quest to find joy and delight this summer, even in the smallest of things/ways. This summer will look quite a bit different than our usual summers, but we also put together our summer fun list to give us plenty to look forward to and make new memories together! Many of ours our similar to yours :)


    • Lisa says:

      Oh, I love your list, Stephanie! It was so interesting to brainstorm one in light of all that is going on, but encouraging to think of all the sweet things we CAN still do :)

  2. Dana says:

    Can we please do Merritt’s when I’m visiting?!

    • Lisa says:

      Yes!! Will need someone in the backseat to console car-hating Azelie all the way to Chapel Hill, ha! ;)

  3. […] photo session that will take place later this summer. 7. Do some intentional summer planning. (Here!) 8. Start doing our grocery shopping by myself once a week. (Why didn’t I start doing this […]


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