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15% Off My Favorite Safer Beauty Brand


Last week, I renewed my position as a Beautycounter consultant for the third year. As I have each June since I first joined, I mulled over the decision a little before moving forward. I’m not a beauty blogger or an expert by any means, so I often feel a little insecure about sharing beauty things. I also completely acknowledge that Beautycounter products are pricey and I don’t ever want anyone to feel like I’m pressuring them into buying something. Even with my 25% consultant discount, I sometimes balk at the price of products I want to try. That said, I’ve personally felt that saving up (because believe me, I do save up for them!) for products that 1. are made with safer ingredients I trust, and 2. work really, really well for me has been worth it. I struggled a lot with acne as a teenager and into college and my skin scars easily, so I was intensely self-conscious about my face for YEARS. I never left my house without full makeup on, even if I was going to the gym or to the pool. If you’ve ever felt that way, you know how disheartening it can be. It wasn’t until I began incorporating gentler, safer products into my routine that my skin began to improve, and I’ve never looked back. While I still feel better with at least a little bit of makeup on, going without it doesn’t make me feel embarrassed, like it once did.

All that to say, that’s why I’ve stuck with Beautycounter, and that’s why I wanted to share this week’s 15% off sitewide sale. It doesn’t happen very often and is one of the best opportunities of the year to try out anything you’ve been eyeing. As always, all Beautycounter orders have a 60-day return policy, so you have plenty of time to really try the product and see if it works well for you. I’ve had a few misses over the years, but have also definitely found some tried-and-true staples. Here are my current personal favorites!


Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel: Let’s go ahead and call this one a magic potion. I apply it after washing my face but before moisturizer a few nights a week and it just seems to make my skin better: glowier, clearer, and generally more healthy-looking. The bottle also lasts for ages…I bought mine mid-last year and haven’t replaced it yet.

Countermatch Hydra-Gel Radiance Toner: I ordered this last month after I had a little quarter-life crisis about my skincare routine, ha! I wanted to add another daily step to my usual cleansing + moisturizing to take things to the next level and make sure I’m caring for my skin as best as I can. I honestly think it has made a difference already! My pores look smaller and my skin seems a little brighter and smoother. If these are the results after two weeks, I’m eager to see if my skin continues to improve as I use it.

Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask: A must-have product for acne-prone skin–I use it any time I feel a breakout coming on, and credit it to the fact that haven’t had a serious breakout in years as a result.

Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa: I’m weirdly picky about body wash and this one is the best! It’s super moisturizing and smells amazing.

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion: By far my favorite safe sunscreen I’ve tried. Even though it’s a non-nano mineral formula, which can sometimes be hard to blend, this one rubs in super easily and doesn’t leave a white cast.


Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation: Like I mentioned in my most recent Love List, this new foundation is a total winner for me. I love that it comes in a wide range of shades and has (what I consider) perfect, natural-looking coverage. I use it in Light 210.

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer: My quarantine MVP, this tinted moisturizer is all I wore on my face this past spring. If you like sheer coverage, a dewy finish, and makeup with SPF, this one is a great option.

Brilliant Brow Gel: I didn’t use a brow gel until a few years ago, and now, even if I don’t have any other makeup on, I always do my eyebrows. If you aren’t, jump on the bandwagon–I promise you won’t go back! ;) I use this one in Medium. A bunch of women on Instagram recommended using clear brow gel for postpartum hair flyaways when I asked for advice about that, so I’m intrigued about trying that as well.

Color Pinch Cream Blusher: I’ve found that cream blush looks so much more natural and dewy than a powder blush on my skin. I’ve been using this one in Hibiscus for a few years now and it’s a staple of my makeup bag.

Radiant All Over Bronzer: Bronzer is the product I reach for when I want to add a little something extra to my everyday makeup. This one (I use Dune) adds some sun-kissed dimension without being sparkly.

Color Intense Lipstick: Safe ingredients (especially important for lip products that we literally eat…gross, but true!) + saturated color that stays put for hours? Yes please. These are the only lipsticks I wear nowadays! I have it in First Date (pictured above), Garden Party, Girls’ Night, and Beautycounter Red and love them all.

As you probably already know, I make a commission off of these links which helps support both my blog and my family, so thank you! There are many Beautycounter consultants out there (and you don’t even need to shop through a consultant), so I especially appreciate your support should you choose to shop through me. Let me know anytime if you have any questions about products, colors, etc.!






  1. Dana says:

    I love toners cuz they’re like the laziest way to take care of your skin. I’ll be trying yours when I’m visiting :)


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