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Azelie’s Newborn Photos


I’ve heard it said that God gives us the exact baby we need at the exact time we need them. I certainly believe this to be true about Azelie. While having a newborn during a pandemic has sometimes felt especially scary and isolating, she has truly made every single day in our house sweeter, lovelier, and more joyful! Knowing this time around how very quickly the teeny baby stage passes by, we have been doing our best to soak up every bit of her. Even on the hardest days, all it takes to calm my heart is a peek at her gummy smile and big blue eyes, a few minutes of feeling her snuggly little body against mine, or a whiff of her dreamy baby scent. She will be two months old tomorrow and it’s already so hard to remember our family before she was part of it.

I’m tremendously grateful that we had the chance to have Azelie’s newborn photos taken before social distancing started, especially since my friend Ally generously gifted us a session at my baby shower. I love the way she captured both sweet Azelie at three weeks old, as well as outgoing, silly, three-and-a-half-year-old Charlie! How long will it be before Dave and I stop needing to pinch ourselves at the reality that we have two? The transition has been anything but easy, but gosh, these littles ones fill my heart to the brim.

A few of the details we included:
Bow swaddle: Beaufort Bonnet Company (a generous gift from my sister’s mother-in-law) | Sleeper gown: Solly | Rose swaddle: Little Unicorn | Pink bow headband: Little Poppy Co. | My pink shirt: Abercrombie | My white eyelet midi dress: Eternal Ivory (use code LisaKirk15 for 15% off!)






  1. She’s so, so beautiful, Lisa! Savor every moment of those newborn snuggles with sweet Azelie!

  2. Em says:

    Sweet girl!!! I can’t wait to meet her! I think my favorite from the bunch is Dave sitting on the bed with both kiddos – so sweet!!

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  4. Dana says:

    She looks like a little baby doll! Love how Charlie looks at her!


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