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A Few Things We’re Loving in the Newborn Season


It is amazing how many baby products come out in just three years! While we were excited to dust off many of the things we used and loved during Charlie’s newborn days (looking at you, Solly wrap and Uppababy car seat!), I also spent a good amount of time browsing for new/new-to-me items to have on hand for Azelie. Creating our baby registry and shopping list was so much more fun this time around, now that we have a better understanding of what everything is, how it works, and what we like and dislike. If you’re expecting your first baby, my advice (via Emily!) still stands: ask someone with a similar parenting style/philosophy as you to walk you through the baby aisle of Target and explain all the gadgets and gizmos. I wish I could do the honors for any of you sweet friends, so consider this post my virtual walk-through of a few current favorites :)

Baby Tracker app: I do not know how I ever fed a newborn without this handy (and free!) app! There are a handful of different tracking functions, but the main one I use is feedings. You “clock in” on the side you’re nursing on and when you switch sides, and then “clock out.” Any time I open the app, I can see when Azelie last ate, for how long, and which side I had started with, as well as how many times she’s eaten (and for how long total) that day. I’ve also used the pumping feature, which includes an “inventory” measurement so you can see how much you have stored at any time. Highly recommend!

Design Dua Ark bassinet: I searched for a long time for a simple, beautiful bassinet and landed on the Ark from Design Dua (pictured above). It is gorgeous and such amazing quality. I will say that since it doesn’t fold up or anything, it’s probably not the best option if you don’t have much storage space. Since we have plenty in our new house, I’m thrilled we went with this option. (We bought the rocking stand as well.)

Little Poppy Co. bow subscription: I’ve admired Little Poppy Co. from afar for a few years, but now that I have a baby girl to put in their bows, it has seriously become one of my favorite things! Their style is always on point and the headbands are so stretchy and soft. Every girl mama I know says the trick to getting your daughter to wear bows is to start her young, and we absolutely have–Azelie wears one every day :)

Bibs pacifiers: We held off on giving Charlie a pacifier for a little over a month, but as classic second-time parents, we brought one in our hospital bag this time around ;) I love the look of these Bibs pacifiers and the fact that the base (if that’s the right pacifier terminology?) curves outward so it doesn’t trap drool against Azelie’s mouth. She has been a fan of them so far too, so they’re a win-win all around.

Halo SleepSack swaddle: Our hospital actually sent us home with one of these and we are glad they did! We tried it on our first night at home and were amazed by how easy it was to use–no YouTube tutorial needed! Azelie has been sleeping like a champ in them, so fingers crossed they continue to work their magic.

Knit booties: We seem to have forgotten to buy newborn-sized socks, so Azelie has been wearing these adorable knit booties every day. So cozy and sweet for a winter baby.

Hatch Baby Rest: I’ve raved about Charlie’s Hatch Baby Rest before, so it’s probably no surprise that we registered for one for Azelie too. While Charlie’s functions as an okay-to-wake clock and white noise, we’ve been using Azelie’s as a night light during overnight feedings. I love that we’ll be able to continue using it in different ways for years to come.

Scroll through for a few more of my current favorites, many of which now boast stamps of approval from both Kirk babies!

Mamas who have had babies recently, do we share any favorites? Or is there anything else I absolutely need to check out? Let me know!






  1. Mary says:

    That bassinet is beautiful. I love the sleep sacks too. We’ve never really swaddled but Philip really slept well in the sack we used. It’s too small now but it was great! I’m loving baby wearing in the Ergobaby now too! Praying y’all are staying rested and healthy!

  2. Dana says:

    Azelie has very beautiful things!


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