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June Goals


May was so full and so good!! We kicked off the month with a wonderful weekend in Charleston and closed it with a sweet week in Texas, celebrating my beautiful sister’s wedding. And our spring travels aren’t over yet…June is our busiest travel month of the year, with three trips to different parts of Virginia on the books! We spent this past Saturday in Williamsburg for my childhood BFF’s baby shower, are meeting up with Dave’s sister and her family in Charlottesville one weekend, and finally, will finish the month in northern VA for a wedding, possibly popping over to DC for a day while we’re in that area. Charlie is also doing a little summer half-day camp for a week this month and he is SO excited…I just can’t believe I have a child old enough for camp! We ordered his preschool backpack and lunchbox a little early so he’ll be ready to go, and it felt like such a cute milestone :)

May Favorites (Something new I’m thinking of adding to goal posts–let me know if you like it!)

1. I wore this periwinkle eyelet dress in Williamsburg (pictured above) and think it’s going to be one of my summer staples. It’s so comfortable and versatile–it works for work, church, weekends, dates…pretty much anything! Bonus: it’s machine washable and under $50 (even less with a promo code, which J. Crew Mercantile almost always has).
2. I teared up multiple times listening to Ashley Brooke and her husband’s love story on this podcast. They have an inspiring perspective on choosing to be positive in all things and doing any season of life truly well.
3. I bought a few new Beautycounter makeup products to use when I did my makeup for Dana’s wedding and am especially loving this lipstick in First Date and this bronzer (in Surf). These are just a few of the clean products I used for my makeup that day and I was so happy with the results, I might do a post with the step-by-step. Stay tuned :)
4. We finally saw Crazy Rich Asians and LOVED it. The Singapore scenes made me so nostalgic for my childhood home! (See the posts from when Dave and I went to Singapore a few years ago here and here).
5. I shared a little about this on Instagram, but Catholic Family Crate is now my one and only subscription box, and I am incredibly impressed with it. Highly recommend if you struggle to prioritize liturgical living or simply want to make it easier.

May Goals

1. Go to two holy hours with nothing but my Bible and my prayer journal.
2. Read the Ordinary Time section of The Catholic All Year Compendium to start thinking ahead for the upcoming season
3. Eat dinner outside as often as we can
4. Finish deck improvements–sand and stain, add string lights, plant rosemary in planters (Apparently, we’re not supposed to sand and stain for a few months after building, so that part is on hold till fall.)
5. Incorporate running back into my workout routine, aim for once a week to start (ugh, nope…but I’ve been doing a good job keeping up Studio Tone It Up workouts 3-4 times per week)
6. Finish and share post about Charlie’s allergies and convince Dave to finish his guest post about personal finance. (Still in progress!)
7. Curate 2016 photos. (Progress, but not quite done.)
8. Support Dana well in the final countdown to her wedding!

June Goals

1. Go to two holy hours with nothing but my Bible and my prayer journal. (Already made a little progress on this because I finally took dedicated time to fill out my prayer intentions for the month in my journal. Now that I’ve done that, I feel extra motivated to bring those intentions to Jesus.)
2. Research and write a fun liturgical living post for Blessed Is She.
3. Read before bed every night (even if just for five minutes).
4. Test out a new house cleaning routine for the month.
5. Wear my Apple Watch every day and do my best to close all three rings.
6. Start making notes for a new blog design, coming later this year (!!!).
7. Finish curating 2016 photos and design 2016 album.






  1. Darby says:

    Thanks for sharing your favorites! I just ordered that dress in navy!

  2. Emma says:

    I like the favorites addition! I’m also intrigued by “4. Test out a new house cleaning routine for the month.” Would love to know more about this (what were you doing and what will you try differently this month?).
    Keeping a clean home is important to me but when all the chores fall on one day back-to-back(-to-back-to-back) it makes for a terrible day! haha

    • Lisa says:

      Oh, friend…our previous “routine” was doing the minimum to keep our house functioning daily (dishes, laundry, tidying, etc.) and then deep clean in a fury before anyone comes over, ha! So the new routine is trying to have a better routine in general ;)

  3. Dana says:

    I also got major Singapore nostalgia with Crazy Rich Asians! I wish Ian and I had been dating while Dad lived there!

  4. Kristina says:

    Love the May favorites! I also have “reading before bed” as one of my goals this month which was inspired by my “no TV during the week” goal. I think I got that inspiration from you – is that possible? Anyway, I have been loving the first week of June with no TV except for the news (Germany has a 15 min news program every night at 8pm that I watch to keep in touch with what is going on in my country and in the world) and extra time to read. Happy June!


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