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Why I Love Classic Movies + My List of Favorites


While I was in Texas over the holidays, I tried to articulate exactly what it is I love about old movies to my film director brother. I didn’t grow up watching them, so it isn’t nostalgia exactly, but ever since college when my roommates and I used to have Audrey Hepburn movie nights, they’re the movies I will opt for every single time.

To be honest, I have a hard time with most current movies. I get bored out of my mind watching action films. I’ve recognized that I can’t handle anything too sad, or anything remotely scary or disturbing. Lots of profanity makes me uncomfortable and I have little tolerance for raunchy humor. I used to sit through a lot more movies than I really wanted to watch, but since college or so, I decided that doing so wasn’t worth it. This may sound dramatic if you’re not particularly sensitive to visual imagery, but as someone who is (and has spent one too many nights lying awake replaying movie scenes), I acknowledged that I need to approach what I watch in a very intentional way. If I am going to watch a movie, I want it to have some aspect of truth, beauty, or goodness, because those are the things I want to fill my eyes, mind, and time with. If you have a similar sensitivity level to me (“highly sensitive“), this strategy is very effective!

Enter Audrey Hepburn. And Grace Kelly. And Ingrid Bergman. Epic stories that sweep me away, gorgeous costumes that tell a story in their own rite, a world where everyone knew how to dance. When I sit down to watch one of their movies, I’m transported to an era that feels just a little bit lovelier than the one we live in now. I fully acknowledge that in real life, it wasn’t in many ways, but I still think modern women can find lots of inspiration from classic films–I certainly always do. This outfit (a new Gal Meets Glam Collection dress, the comfiest flats I’ve ever owned, and my splurge-worthy souvenir from our fall NYC trip) is just the start :)

Not sure where to start with classic movies? Here’s my (admittedly Audrey-heavy–I love her!) list of favorites so far:

What types of movies do you enjoy watching? Do you have a favorite classic film I should add to my list! Let me know!






  1. Angela says:

    You know me-I’m an all genre type of movie watcher. But two of my absolute favorites to rewatch are based on classic novels so I guess that counts? BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, and North and South. Technically they’re both mini-series so a longer time investment, but I love the character development and the historical settings.

  2. Victoria says:

    You look adorable and I LOVE having someone I know is likeminded with this!! Everyone is so into Marvelous Miss Maisel right now and so Ben watched it but I wouldn’t sit in the same room! WAY too crude.. I just couldn’t do it!

  3. Mary says:

    I Confess and Rear Window. They are in the mystery genre but I wouldn’t consider them scary.

  4. Dana says:

    Does 10 Things I Hate About You count as a classic?? :)

  5. Kristina says:

    Such a fun list! I grew up watching Sabrina with my mom (both the Audrey Hepburn version and the one with Julia Ormond) and always get a happy feeling when I watch it now.
    I honestly never thought that I was sensitive towards movies but over the years I have realized that I do get very sensitive towards movies (and books too) when my life is stressful and I am anxious. So after moving over Christmas, starting a new job in January and having had a sinus infection for almost six weeks I was not able to watch anything difficult. So lately I’ve watched a lot of Downtown Abbey and old German children’s movies from the 50’s and 70’s that are also classics I grew up on.

  6. emma says:

    I’m with you on the sensitivity level. I cannot stand to watch anything disturbing, and I’m still reeling from movies that I watched years ago, before I knew what kind of damage they did to my psyche … :( anyway! for that reason I really enjoy kids movies! I am happy I have a little buddy who is into movies now, because before I had my son I didn’t get to watch kids tv/movies, hah! Fox and the Hound is my personal favorite from my childhood. Minions is the current favorite in our house :)).

  7. I’m so with you! Give me a classic any day! I love love love Stage Door. I have probably seen it 50+ times and it never gets old. I love this classic dress and hair style on you. So cute!


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