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Seven Years of Something Pretty

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Will you raise your coffee cup with me this morning, friend? Today marks SEVEN years of Something Pretty! I sincerely cannot believe this blog has been a part of my life (often a huge part!) for that long. On one hand, I feel like a totally different person than the 20-year-old who signed up for WordPress while curled up in her Pittsburgh apartment, but on the other hand, I still find just as much joy in writing and creating content as I did back then. This blog has seen me through transferring schools, graduating, moving to North Carolina, getting engaged, planning a wedding and getting married, going through pregnancy, buying our house, welcoming Charlie, and launching my own business. I can’t think of a sweeter record of my twenties, and hope many more memories will be recorded on these internet pages as the years continue. To celebrate seven years of blogging today, I wanted to share seven things you may not know about Something Pretty :)

1. I discovered blogs through my first internship at Pittsburgh Magazine in fall 2010 when I was assigned an article about a local couple who blogged about trying something new together every day of their first year of marriage. In my research, I came across Oh She Glows, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and Style Me Pretty, and I was hooked! My supervisor encouraged me to start a blog on my last day of the internship and I set it up that evening.

2. Something Pretty was originally called…wait for it…Sparkle and Spice. Cringe! I planned to blog about fashion and food (??), but no one could remember the name, and I quickly realized that as much as I enjoyed reading food blogs, I had zero interest in food blogging myself. I changed the name in March 2011 when I re-focused my content on fashion and weddings.

3. From March 2011-June 2013, Something Pretty was primarily a wedding blog. I blogged five days a week, including one real wedding and one inspiration board each week. I still love looking back at that content and remembering how much fun I had working on it. It also introduced me to many wonderful wedding photographers, some of whom I have had the joy of meeting and working with in some capacity since then (shoutouts to Ali Harper, Katelyn James, Julia Wade, and Shalyn Nelson)!

4. My sister, Dana, has commented on every single post I’ve ever written. I need to get her some type of award :)

5. One of the best things about blogging in college was that it opened the doors to some really incredible internships. I was so grateful for the opportunity to work for Rhiannon of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations, Camille Styles, and The Celebration Society.

6. My most popular post ever is one featuring Printable Bridesmaid Cards. It has been featured on Snippet and Ink, The Knot, and Intimate Weddings, and pinned over 6000 times!

7. The first mention of Dave on Something Pretty was in this inspiration board post–he’s the “friend” who was in Switzerland ;)

And, if you’re in the mood for a little walk down memory lane with me, here are seven of my favorite past posts (listed chronologically):

1. A tour of the BHLDN store in Houston

2. My “cocktails and desserts” 23rd birthday party

3. All of our wedding recaps!

4. Our honeymoon recaps: Rome and Lake Como

5. A trip to Maman NYC

6. Five things we started doing for our marriage after having a baby

7. Reflections on my first year of motherhood

Whether you’ve been following along since day one or you’re new around here, thank you so much for reading. Sharing my joys and the cause of them in this space has been one of the sweetest blessings of my life. Here’s to the next seven! (And I think ten years in 2020 will call for a party, don’t you think? :))

Top photo by Rachel Linder of Blue Barn Photography, bottom photo by Aelish Lascoe






  1. Cassie says:


  2. Something Pretty Benefactor says:

    Sparkle and Spice ????????????

    Proud of you!

  3. Dana says:

    Happy seven year anniversary! I am proud of myself for predicting 2 of 7 highlights on instagram. Thanks for the shout out :D

  4. Kristen says:


  5. Jadzia says:

    Have loved journeying along with you!

  6. Love your blog and congratulations on 7 years! I think the name change was probably for the best.. haha! :) Cupcakes and Cashmere was one of the first blogs I read too!


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