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November Goals


When we flipped the calendar to October, it still felt like summer in Raleigh…but not anymore! November has always been one of my favorite months, not only because of the reliably gorgeous weather and Thanksgiving, but also because it’s often one of my most productive months of the year. I love using this time to prepare well for the holidays so that by the time December rolls around, I can simply soak it in and enjoy the season, peppermint mocha in hand!

In particular, I am SO excited to create and share the holiday content I have up my sleeves. If there’s anything in particular you want to see (especially as far as outfits or gift guides go), let me know!

October Goals
1. Be intentional and efficient in my first month of running Lisa Kirk Writing
2. Get outside in the fall weather every day
3. Read two books (Why Not Me and a re-read of Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves. I also read about half of Big Magic, but couldn’t get through anymore–not a fan!)
4. Start Whole30 in the middle of the month
5. Exercise three times a week (Y’all, workout goals have been so tough for me this year! Keeping this on my list for November.)
6. Look into a chiropractor (found one, now need to make an appointment)

November Goals
1. Create, curate, and share lots of joyful, inspiring holiday content!
2. Get all of my Christmas shopping done
3. Exercise three times a week
4. Complete Whole30
5. Host friends for a Thanksgiving brunch
6. Deep clean our house (or find a great deal and hire someone else to do it…fingers crossed for the latter ;))
7. Work ahead on Lisa Kirk Writing to free up time for December vacations






  1. Allison says:

    Unpopular opinion: I agree with you on Big Magic. I just couldn’t do it. Now that might be because I was trying to read it during those middle of the night nursing sessions… When do you find time to read?

    • Lisa says:

      I try to read for about 10-20 minutes before going to bed. I kind of forgot about reading for fun for a few years after college (so sad!) and this is the only time of day that I’ve been able to stick to pretty consistently!

  2. Girl, I’m with you on workout goals being tough this year!! And ooh, I’m excited for you to possibly hire out cleaning! :) I haven’t personally done it yet (it’d be a waste with the continual dust/chaos these days) but can’t wait to try once the dust settles!! Interested to hear what you decide to do and your thoughts on it!

    • Lisa says:

      We had our house cleaned before Charlie was born through a company we found on Groupon, and it was okay, but I’m really hoping to find someone better. I have no doubt it will be worth it, even if just for a once-a-year deep clean! There are just some chores I reeeeally don’t want to do, haha :)

  3. Mary says:

    Good luck with the last leg of Whole30! What day are you on?? We were blessed to be able to get patrick’s family’s cleaning team after they moved. We only have them come once a month but it’s awesome and even with our really strict budget it has been worth it! :)

    • Lisa says:

      I have no doubt it would be worth it–even if just for the mental pick-me-up of someone else cleaning, haha! :) We are on day 16 and chugging along, but definitely getting a little bored and missing bread! How about y’all?

  4. Richard says:

    I love workout goals! It is still 85 degrees in Houston and the outdoor pools have been closed for six weeks. Must go to gym (aka Erik’s old room) 3x per week instead. Lifting 1+ year olds dozens of times per days is good too. Bend at the knees!


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