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My Favorite Coffee Shops in Raleigh


There are few activities I love more than going out for coffee. It doesn’t matter if it’s with Dave on a mini date, with a friend on a weekday morning, or even just swinging by one of my favorite spots while on an outing with Charlie–everything from the atmosphere of a great coffee shop to the coffee itself makes me so happy! More importantly, some of my best conversations have happened over steaming lattes and a shared scone, and I’m so thankful for the way coffee shops have served as the setting for deepened relationships and friendships. Since my love of coffee shops is no secret (thanks, Instagram!), I have gotten a few questions about my favorites coffee shops in Raleigh recently. There are some great ones, but these five are my go-tos!

Thanks so much to my friend Amber of Six Foot Photography for snapping these fun photos!

Jubala Coffee (the North Raleigh location): I joke that when we sell our house someday, we’ll need to tell the new owners to create a Jubala category in their budget, because boy, is it hard to resist popping by at least weekly! I love the North Raleigh location because it’s close to my house and there is a big grassy area right outside that is perfect for spreading out a picnic blanket and letting Charlie play. I’m also crazy about the Counter Culture coffee they serve, and everything I’ve ordered from their small-but-wonderful food menu is amazing. There are a bunch of delicious biscuits to choose from in Raleigh, but I think theirs are my favorite!
Order: an almond latte, a pimento cheese and bacon biscuit or a chocolate chip Belgian waffle

Yellow Dog Bread Company (pictured in this post!): It took me awhile to get to Yellow Dog, but now, it’s one of my most frequent coffee stops. Along with the fresh, delicious baked goods and the tastiest seasonal lattes (like coconut in the summer and apple spice in the fall), the appeal of Yellow Dog to me is the location. They’re housed in one of the best historic neighborhoods in Raleigh, so I love grabbing a coffee to-go and heading out for a walk to admire all the old houses.
Order: a seasonal latte and a white chocolate chip scone (plus, a baguette to go!)

Sola Coffee: The location of Sola leaves a bit to be desired (it’s in a shopping center), but the space itself, the coffee, the food, and the overall vibe more than make up for it. Their menu is the most extensive of any coffee shop I’ve ever been to, so this is a perfect spot for a caffeinated breakfast or lunch. They’re also constantly supporting local artists through endeavors like their rotating artwork (my friend Rachel’s fine art prints are up now!), their monthly sidewalk pop-up shop, and frequent live music in the evenings. It’s such a fun place to stop by any time of day! Don’t forget to take a photo in front of the “I Believe in Raleigh” mural behind the cafe.
Order: Iced coffee, something from the toast bar, and an order of cinnamon hot mini doughnuts

lucettegrace: Okay, technically, lucettegrace is a bakery that also happens to serve coffee, but I’d be remiss to write this post without mentioning their signature iced coffee. They use locally-roasted Larry’s Coffee beans and add sweetened condensed milk, and it is heavenly!
Order: a specialty iced coffee, a bourbon pecan pie croissant, a “Dixie cannonball” (a cheddar, sausage, scallion biscuit with sausage gravy in the middle), and macarons

42 & Lawrence: Simple and modern space, and fantastic coffee–their cold brew is the best. Thanks to their central location, this is our go-to coffee stop when we’re walking around in downtown Raleigh.
Order: Nitro cold brew

Raleighites, did I mention your favorite? Let me know any other spots you love!

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  1. Abby says:

    Love this post Lisa! Haven’t made it to Sola yet and I haven’t even heard of lucettegrace! Adding to my Raleigh list! We need to meet up there soon!!

    • Lisa says:

      Oh my goodness, you will love lucettegrace! It’s in such a great location downtown, too. I would love to meet up there sometime!

  2. Julie says:

    A bourbon pecan pie croissant?! Yes, please! And I love the nail color you’re wearing…Mind sharing what it is?

    • Lisa says:

      Of course! It’s Essie Without a Stitch and it has been my go-to all fall. I linked it in the slider at the end of the post as well! :)

  3. Dana says:

    I want all these things right now :) We will have to go to a few of these over my spring break!

  4. Katie says:

    So this is a little late, but I recently visited my cousins who live in North Raleigh — we went to Jubala (loved it!), and also to a little place in Wake Forest called Stewart’s Bistro, which I highly recommend if you haven’t been! They had about 15 flavors of specialty latte’s served in huge oversized mugs (the pumpkin spice chai was excellent), and lots of delicious breakfast options that were really inexpensive! (at least compared to my DC/Northern Va. standards- $4 oversized latte and $6 breakfast platter is a steal!)

    • Lisa says:

      So glad you enjoyed Jubala! I’ve never heard of Stewart’s Bistro but it sounds wonderful–I’m in North Raleigh as well, so that’s pretty close to me. Can’t wait to check it out! Thank you so much for the recommendation! :)


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