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October Goals


I really hope that this past weekend was a preview of what all of October will look like. Our busy previous months have been well-documented, but last weekend, we went out for a long coffee/lunch date at our favorite local spot, we snuggled up for a movie, we got a few things done around the house, we spent some time with friends, and I volunteered at a wedding at church. It was exactly the fun and relaxing weekend we needed, and even though we have at least one event every weekend this month, our calendar is, overall, refreshingly open. I’m excited to follow along with Emily Ley’s “Creating a Simplified Life” series on Facebook as a reminder to fight the temptation to fill in those blank spaces!

September Goals
1. Start a daily gratitude journal
2. Celebrate Charlie’s first birthday with family and friends!here (See his party !)
3. Finish filling out the first year of Charlie’s baby book
4. Prepare to launch aforementioned project in early October
5. Run twice a week (not quite, but I did find a HIIT class I’m really enjoying to supplement this)
6. Splurge on a fancy date to celebrate our first year of parenthood (We bought concert tickets, so counting that!)
7. Read two books (Half-checked–lots of house guests meant I got out of my nighttime reading routine for most of the month. I read Chasing Slow and it was lovely!)

October Goals
1. Be intentional and efficient in my first month of running Lisa Kirk Writing. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments as I figure things out.
2. Get outside in the fall weather every day
3. Read two books (I think Big Magic and Simplicity Parenting)
4. Start Whole30 in the middle of the month–attempt #2! Send me all your compliant recipes :)
5. Exercise three times a week (running, HIIT class, and yoga)
6. Look into a chiropractor. I have awful back pain thanks to lifting Charlie incorrectly way too often, and need to get things fixed up!







  1. Chasing Slow is on my “to read” list too! :) And I just joined the Simplified Life series too thanks to you posting about it!

    p.s. So proud of you launching LKW and cheering you on!!!

  2. mary wilmot says:

    Yay whole30! Feel free to text me for support. I can send you the whole month of all the meals we ate too! :D

  3. Dana says:

    It’s still 90 degrees here…hello fall? Good luck on whole30!

  4. Alison says:

    Highly recommend Crabtree Chiropractic! Dr. Burr is the best and has helped me through two pregnancies!


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