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Welcome to Something Pretty, the online home for some of my most cherished memories, reflections on faith and family, and my favorite classic style finds. I'm delighted you're here!

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The Cutest Gingham Shorts


I wasn’t expecting it to, but my wardrobe changed quite a bit when I became a mom. All of a sudden, instead of sitting at a desk every day (albeit in a very casual office environment), I was literally getting on and off the floor, carrying a (drooly!) baby around constantly, and needing shirts I could either unbutton or lift up easily to nurse in. On top of that, when leggings season ended, I realized that the shorts I wore two summers ago, before I was pregnant, didn’t look quite the same on me or feel as comfortable as they did then. I’ve purged my closet of quite a few things over the last few months, and have been slowly accumulating pieces that better fit my new lifestyle. The shirt and gingham shorts I’m wearing in this post are two of my most recent acquisitions, and since they’re both in stock AND on sale, I wanted to share them! I’ve been wearing both pieces constantly–in these photos, it was during a walk Dave and Charlie and I took around a historic downtown Raleigh neighborhood over the weekend.

(A quick note to mamas-to-be who are cringing reading about how my wardrobe changed–I would have a year ago! On the flip side of my more casual everyday outfits, I’ve been having a lot more fun dressing up for events like date nights and dinners with friends than I used to, and think my personal style has developed as a result :))

Tie-front tee (under $25 on sale, comes in eight colors, and is true to size. I sized up since I like t-shirts to be a little longer and boxier, and am wearing a medium), gingham shorts on sale for $20 (also available here. If you buy them at Nordstrom, chat with customer service and ask them to price-match. That’s what I did!), sandals in Platinum (super comfy, and no break-in time, which is unusual for Jack Rogers), two-toned sunglasses, new safer foundation that I am loving so far :)

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  1. Catherine says:

    So cute! I have heard about this impending wardrobe shift, and I’m unsure about it! At least pregnancy kind of warms you up for it, since you can’t wear a lot of your old clothes while pregnant anyway. I have been putting more effort into my jewelry, hair, and make-up for date nights as a result, and it has made all that more fun again! Hopefully I can continue to find joy in dressing up when I get the chance and keep it easy otherwise. :)

    • Lisa says:

      You’re so right! I thought pregnancy led to the smallest capsule wardrobe ever, haha! I’ve noticed that now, instead of a bunch of “middle ground” outfits like I used to wear, I have my casual at-home clothes and then dressy pieces on the opposite of the end of the spectrum that I have SO much fun wearing for nights out. I think having limited opportunities has made me embrace them so much more, style-wise!

  2. Dana says:

    Those shorts are cute!


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