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Charlie’s First Pumpkin Patch Trip


I have been chomping at the bit to pick up some pumpkins for the house, but held off until we could bring Charlie to the pumpkin patch to get them! Dave’s parents are in town for the week, so they joined us on Saturday as we headed to Page Farms. The farm was adorable, but unfortunately, not the right fit for a three-week old. You couldn’t get to the pumpkin patch part of the farm without paying $12 admission and taking a 20-minute hay ride, and we didn’t want to count on Charlie being in a good mood for quite that long! If you’re in the Triangle and have older kids, I definitely recommend checking it out though, because they did have a bunch of fun crafts and activities–it’s on our list for the future. For our current purposes though, we headed back to a smaller patch we had passed on the way to the farm, and it ended up being the perfect spot to pick up our pumpkins and walk around a little with Charlie…who slept through the whole trip in our beloved Solly wrap!








  1. Kelly says:

    So cute! Charlie looks like he’s just tucked in there like a little pumpkin :)

  2. Dana says:

    So glad the Sollywrap is awesome! He is so teeny tiny!

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