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Summer Baby Bucket List


Early in the spring, Dave and I decided to make a list of things we want to do before our baby arrives in September. Conveniently, we’re waiting on his arrival through my favorite season, so there are plenty of fun activities to choose from! I want to be clear that we have every intention of doing many of these activities with a baby next year as well, I hope, but we tried to include things that may be a little easier to do while it’s just the two of us, as well as a few ways we’re preparing for our next stage of life with a little one :)

summer picnicCallie Davis

  • Go to an outdoor movie
  • Hike at the Umstead park
  • Eat ice cream at Maple View Farm
  • Go to Singapore
  • Take a beach trip with friends
  • Take a beach trip, just the two of us
  • Go to a Friday night Durham Bulls game and stay for the fireworks
  • Buy a house and get moved in
  • Take maternity photos in downtown Raleigh with Callie
  • Celebrate at our baby showers!
  • Get our nursery ready
  • Make the pasta sauce recipe from our cooking class in Italy
  • Bake a berry pie from scratch (crust included)
  • Host a cookout in our new backyard
  • Picnic at the park where we did our first look
  • Have dinner at Death and Taxes

Baby or not, what’s on your summer list?






  1. Kelly says:

    Sounds like such a fun time! Jealous of how much closer y’all are to the beach. :) You’ll have to share the pie recipe when you do it, I’d love to read it.

  2. Kristina says:

    Sounds like a fun list! My list is actually quite longe so I split it up in three parts. For June it says: host my friend K well, start PowerSheets for the first time (I am so so excited!), go to an outdoor concert and try a new ice cream place. I have always felt meh about summer but this year I’m really loving it :)

  3. Dana says:

    Yum! A pie! The remaining Olson children are taking on Austin together! Kristen and I are hitting up the swimming holes and ice cream socials and Erik and I will be going to the bars in East Austin.

  4. Em says:

    Our Connecticut summer fun list includes a picnic under the tree where we had our cocktail hour picnic! So fun to be able to go back to these special places and make even more memories :)

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