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Weddings I Was Inspired By


Guess what? Starting next week, I’ll finally be sharing all about my wedding on Something Pretty! I hope you’ve already seen it in the latest issue of Southern Weddings, and I’m getting excited to dive into all of the moments and details in this space. To be honest, I’ve wrestled a lot with the idea of sharing my wedding online–it is so sacred in my memories and so close to my heart, and I’m nervous about the idea of it being “dissected,” if that makes sense. But my hope in sharing, especially here on my own blog, is that the opposite will be true, and the people I care about (you!!) will instead gain a deeper understanding of the decisions we made and the heart behind them. I’ll be starting my wedding posts next Thursday and they’ll go (almost) all the way through March, so stay tuned!

Before sharing my own wedding, I thought it would be fun to give you a peek at the weddings I was most inspired by. A little context: I started reading wedding blogs religiously sometime in fall 2010, turned Something Pretty into a wedding blog in early 2011, and got a job at a wedding magazine in 2013. I’ve looked at thousands and thousands of weddings over the years, so the inspiration well was already pretty darn full when I set out to plan my own. These are the weddings that have struck a special chord with me over the years, and in turn, inspired me the most!

Gina and Stephen (photographed by Josh Gruetzmacher, planning by Rebecca Reategui Weddings & Special Events) in San Francisco, CA: This is my favorite wedding I’ve ever seen on a wedding blog–I love everything about it! The atmosphere seems so chic, but still fun, thanks to the mixed black and white patterns and playful details, all set in an elegant, intimate setting. When I think of “classic with a twist,” this is the first wedding I think of.

gina and stephengina and stephen 2 Katie and Matthew (photographed by Bryce Covey) in Long Island City, New York: Spring was a big part of my wedding inspiration, and I love the way Katie and Matthew communicated this at their celebration. Gorgeous spring flowers, classic styling, and elegant calligraphy were all major players, and as you’ll see soon, they were at my wedding too! Plus, how GORGEOUS is her bouquet?

Ashley and Alejandro (photographed by Kate Headley, planning by Simply Chic Events) in Washington, DC: This wedding appeared just a few months before mine, so I was tickled to see that I already had a few details in common with them–namely, the sweet program design! I love the welcoming, but totally magical, atmosphere Ashley and Alejandro created at their garden celebration and hoped my wedding felt the same way to our guests.

ashley and alejandro 2ashley and alejandro Kathryn and Ryan (photographed by Elizabeth Messina, planning by Laurie Arons Boutique Events) in San Francisco, California: Even though my wedding had very little in common with Kathryn and Ryan’s (theirs was in winter in San Francisco, mine was spring in North Carolina), I’ve always thought they hit it out of the park when it comes to being in the wedding industry, but being totally true to themselves. That’s  much easier said than done, and I definitely looked to them for inspiration in that sense!

kathryn and ryan 1kathryn and ryan 2Celeste and Brian (photographed by Love Me Do) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: While the style of Celeste and Brian’s wedding doesn’t really fit mine, what I LOVE about their day is her look. The hair, the dress, the bouquet, all of it–she made me realize how much the bride’s look can truly impact the design of the day! I think she killed it, and it made me all the more determined to find a dress I truly loved and had never seen before that was a perfect fit for our day.

celeste and brian 1celeste and brian 2

Alanna and Craig (photographed by KT Merry, planning by I DO Wedding Consulting) in Pennsylvania: Anytime I saw a wedding that balanced a church ceremony with a more rustic reception setting, it immediately stood out to me, because that’s what we were hoping to do as well. I think Alanna and Craig’s venues are incredible, and I’m obsessed with their dogwood portraits!

alanna craig

Trisha and Seth (photographed by Patricia Kantzos) in New York, New York: This is one of my favorite weddings I’ve ever featured on Something Pretty, so it’s close to my heart! I’ve always loved their unique venues, classic calligraphy details, and the mini cakes in lieu of centerpieces.

trisha and seth 1trisha and seth 2

This was such a fun post to write! If you’re a wedding blog nerd, I’d love to know what your all-time favorite weddings are too, so pop them into the comments! :)






  1. Em says:

    Such a fun post to read!! As you know, Lily and John’s wedding will forever have my heart :)

  2. Jadzia says:

    This is fun to see!

  3. Yay! Can’t wait for this series! :) And Alanna & Craig’s dogwood portraits immediately made me think of your first look with Dave! So fun to see where you drew some inspiration from!! <3

  4. Dana says:

    I can’t wait for wedding month!!!! omg!!!! this was very fun to read!

  5. lena says:

    I can’t wait to read about your wedding planning (and totally understand the trepidation you’re feeling)! It’s so fun to see how many of your favorite celebrations are mine, too! Gina and Stephen and Kathryn and Ryan’s weddings were such a big source of inspiration we thought about holding our wedding at the Presidio Social Club!

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, friend!! It is literally on my bucket list to visit the Presidio Social Club…clearly, they know how to throw a darn gorgeous wedding! :)


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