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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Recap #1


It has been two weeks since I started my capsule wardrobe (read more about it here and see the pieces I included here), and so far, so good! I think I’m in the easiest part of it–the concept still feels like a novelty, and I haven’t even cycled through all my shirts yet. I do have a few random thoughts on this process, which I’m sharing below, but first, here are a few of my outfits so far. It still feels a lot like summer in North Carolina, so I’ve been glad I added shorts and a pair of sandals to my capsule wardrobe at the last minute!

capsule wardrobe 1 and 2Left: Gray tee, navy shorts, Jack Rogers, coral lipstick; worn to work (my office is really casual!)
Right: Chambray shirt, gray skirt, flats (similar), purse, belt; worn on a Sunday for Mass, brunch, and a walk around downtown Raleigh
capsule wardrobe 3 and 4Left: Tunic, black pants, flats (similar); worn to assist at my first rehearsal as part of my church’s wedding committee!
Right: Striped shirt (similar), navy shorts, studded flats (similar); worn to work
capsule wardrobe 5 and 6Left: Shirtdress, Jack Rogers, monogrammed tortoiseshell bangle; worn to work
Right: Navy tee, black pants, plaid smoking slippers; worn to a weeknight hangout with friends at a brewery in downtown Raleigh

(Sorry my hair looks a million different colors in the photos above–they were taken at all different times and on a few different cameras! Also, I have a much-needed haircut scheduled for Saturday. #finally)

A few thoughts so far! They’re a little random, so bear with me :)

1. I’m not a big jewelry person, but I have been wearing a bit more than usual. Even though I’m not bored of any of my clothes yet, I’m hoping this is a proactive way to keep things looking and feeling fresh and different.
2. I’m glad I stuck to a color palette that’s really “me” (blues, grays, pinks, whites, etc.) rather than filling my capsule wardrobe with warm, fall colors. It was tempting when sifting through inspiration, but since I don’t usually gravitate toward fall colors, I think I would’ve grown tired of them pretty quickly. (I did throw in just a few things that fit a typical fall palette, like this sweater and this jacket.)
3. In the interest of full disclosure, there have been a good handful of days over the past two weeks when I’ve been in workout clothes all day. Workout clothes aren’t part of capsule wardrobes, so they’re a bit of a free pass :)

Overall, it’s going well and I really haven’t found any cons yet, but I’ll keep y’all posted. If you have any questions or want me to address anything in particular in my next recap, let me know!






  1. HooRAY! I’ve been waiting for this post! ;) Loving all the outfits and explanations on what you dressed for! And I’m with you on workout clothes – yoga pants all day, every day! ;) Also, SO excited to see your new haircut!!!

    • Lisa says:

      You are the sweetest! So glad you like it so far–I need to be better about taking more pictures in the next few weeks so I’ll have more to share!

  2. Maureen says:

    So proud of you for sticking to this and excited to see how it turns out! I’ve been toying with the idea and really need to do a closet purge so I’m eager to see at the end if you felt you had enough options.

  3. Dave says:

    Looking like a babe, per usual :)

  4. Kristina says:

    You look great in all of your pictures and I love the outfits you created! I would wear each and every one of them myself…my closet consists of the same color palette ;-)
    I’m really just curious to hear how you’ll feel about it at the end of the season. Like you said you haven’t even worn all of the pieces yet so boredom is not an issue but I’m curious if you’ll get bored towards the end of the season. It’s actually my biggest fear and the number one reason why I have never attempted to try a real capsule wardrobe.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you so much–I’m so glad you like them! I’m really curious about that too. It hasn’t felt challenging at all yet, so we’ll see if that changes as the weeks go on. I’ll keep y’all posted!

  5. Katie says:

    Fabulous as always, Lisa! I loved seeing some of your outfits so far and I can’t wait to see more combinations. I love your color palette and as a minimal jewelry wearer myself, it’s great to see your style shine without it :) (however, I’ve also been adding just a little more jewelry into my life and enjoying it!)

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you so much, Katie! It has been fun playing with jewelry a little more–I think it helps since a lot of the items I included in my capsule wardrobe are on the simple side!

  6. Dana says:

    So far so good! I’m looking forward to your accessorizing and hope I serve as inspiration :) (also good opportunity for blog shout out…teehee)

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