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June Goals


One thing Dave and I have agreed on is that even though planning our wedding didn’t take too much focused time, it took up a LOT of mental space. No matter what we were physically doing over the last year and a half, chances are, ideas and to do’s for the wedding were in the back of my mind. I didn’t even realize it until we got back from our honeymoon and started to settle into normal life, without anything to plan! Having white space where our wedding used to be feels a little bit liberating, and I’m really excited to put some of that energy into tackling goals!


June goals:

1. Celebrate one month of marriage today!!
2. Blog twice a week. Excited about this–if all goes as planned, I’m hoping to get into a consistent Tuesday and Thursday posting schedule. Stay tuned!
3.  Run three times a week. Between the wedding, honeymoon, and settling in back home, I almost completely fell out of my workout routine. Running regularly makes me feel so strong and healthy, and I want to prioritize it and make sure it stays part of my life, even without a wedding dress as motivation.
4. Research places to get my wedding dress cleaned (Triangle friends, any suggestions?) and bring it in.
5. Take a weekend trip to Virginia to visit my BFF and her husband. Yay!
6. Officially change my name!

What are you hoping to tackle/looking forward to this month?






  1. Angela says:

    Especially excited about number 5!!

  2. lena says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much energy there is all of a sudden to put toward anything but escort cards and uplighting?! Congratulations on one month!

  3. Dana says:

    excited about twice a week blogging! yahoo!


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