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LJO to LJK: Ten Days to Go!!!

My Wedding

Over the weekend, I got to see one of my best friends from college get married. I’ve always known that she would be a beautiful bride someday, and every single moment of her wedding day was so incredibly sweet. It was a joy to see her marry the love of her life, and it was also such a blessing to Dave and I to witness, especially so close to our wedding. It is SO easy to get distracted when planning a wedding, and I’ve learned that those distractions often come with the best of intentions–wanting to take care of your guests, wanting your wedding to be meaningful, and so on and so forth. And those are all really good things! But even they can distract from the fact all that really matters is that you’re getting married. That’s been a hard lesson for me to try to learn over the last year and a half, and I’m definitely not done learning it yet. Sarah and Scott’s wedding was the best reminder I could have asked for that my wedding day will be about Dave and me becoming husband and wife. Everything else is just really lovely extras. :)

spring bride and groomRylee Hitchner via Once Wed

Completed in the last two and a half weeks:

  • Figured out my wedding jewelry, once and for all!
  • Finished the text for our programs and have them made.
  • Dave built our escort card display.
  • Finished collecting family photos.
  • Went to my second dress fitting.
  • Picked up my dress!
  • Followed up with guests who didn’t send in their RSVPs.
  • Sent our calligrapher our guests’ names for escort cards.
  • Bought gifts for our parents and each other.
  • Gathered a few more small reception details.
  • Sent thank you notes for bridal shower gifts.
  • Made (and remade) our seating chart.
  • Picked up our wedding rings!
  • Wrote wedding day letters for some special people.
  • I started writing out a super detailed list for our venue coordinator.
  • My sisters made a getting ready playlist (thanks, D+K!))
  • Got our marriage license.
  • Sent invitations to our rehearsal dinner.

On our list for the next ten days:

  • Write intercessions for our ceremony.
  • Finish our playlist details for the DJ.
  • Practice our first dance.
  • Practice our vows!
  • Write letters to each other.
  • Finish our timeline and send it to all relevant parties.
  • Finish our details list and send it to our venue coordinator.
  • Finish nailing down the week-of logistics.
  • Assemble our escort card board.
  • Assemble our programs.
  • Finalize and gather all details and attire.
  • Pack for our honeymoon!
  • Go to our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!
  • Get married!!!






  1. Dana says:


  2. Victoria says:

    EEEEE! SO soon! Don’t mind me stalking social media waiting to see preview photos of Lisa the bride. ;)

    We went to a wedding two weeks before ours as well and it was so incredibly sweet! It also helped me remember that I needed to include the sorority song.. I was 21 when we got married, the first out of my close friends so I needed the helpful reminder! Ha!

  3. Kyla Fetzner says:

    This is so exciting Lisa!! It has been so fun to follow this journey and now your wedding is just over a week away :)

  4. lena says:

    Love, love, love this!


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