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2012 was not the easiest year for me. Between seeing all the people I started college with graduating, a breakup, and the most academically stressful semester I’ve ever had last fall, I was constantly overwhelmed and stressed. Through it all though, I was blessed beyond belief through my friends. I reconnected with so many people that truly understand my heart, made the effort to call people and write letters, and just soaked in the love and support during a time I needed it most. That’s one of the biggest reasons that in December, I bought a ticket to Atlanta to see one of my best friends, who I hadn’t seen since my freshman year, but had kept in touch with incredibly well. Y’all, what a blessing. Last weekend was not only so much fun, it was so, so good for my heart. 2013 has been absolutely amazing so far for many reasons, and Atlanta felt like everything I was hoping for in 2013 crammed into one weekend. It was just good, genuine, joyful fun with one of my best friends, and I’m so grateful for my time there.

From my friend’s living room to the table of ties at the gorgeous Billy Reid┬ástore (pictured above), cotton bouquets popped up all over my trip, and I know that now, they’ll always remind me of Atlanta. If I were to ever get married there somehow, I just might have to carry something like the bouquet below–my favorite soft pink peonies with some raw cotton mixed in. Gorgeous, Southern, and sentimental. Picture by Laura Leslie via Southern Weddings.

Peony and raw cotton bouquet | Laura Leslie

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Lisa






  1. Dana says:

    interesting addition, but so cute!

  2. Jadzia says:

    I love it!!


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