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To Be Inspired


To Be Inspired | Something-Pretty.netThere are few things that make me happier than flowers, especially my favorites: pale blush peonies, cafe au lait dahlias, and ranunculus in any color. The peonies and dahlias are expected of me, I think–they’re girly and pretty and completely romantic–flowers that no one would be surprised to find out were my favorites. But ranunculus are for a different side of me. They’re for the side that relishes in the unique, the whimsical, the unexpected. I recently updated my About┬ápage to include more about my background, and as you can see in what I wrote there, seeking those special, off-the-beaten-path things in life is a huge part of what has made me who I am today.

Thanks to the thick stems that bend and curve as if they had minds of their own, I think ranunculus look best when they’re not too tamed. In general, I’m drawn to garden-inspired floral arrangements, where all of the flowers really look the way they’re supposed to, and no one does this better than New York florist Amy Merrick. The picture below is from her website, but I’m also crazy about her gorgeous blog.

Florals by Amy Merrick

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love, Lisa






  1. Dana says:

    loving these TBI posts! great picture! i just bought myself a blue hyacinth plant that starting blooming yesterday.

  2. Lena says:

    Crazy about the new About page, lovely!

  3. Aelish says:

    nice pic, dawg! pretty soon you won’t need me anymore!



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