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Budget Bridesmaid Gifts


One thing I will never forget about my best friend’s wedding is what it was like getting ready at her parents’ house on the morning of the big day. Almost all of the bridesmaids spent the night, and then we enjoyed the morning doing each others’ hair, putting on makeup together, and swooning over how gorgeous the bride looked. Her bridal party consisted of her sister, me and my sister (we’ve known  the bride since 1993!), her sister-in-law-to-be, one of her closest friends from high school, and two of her closest friends from college. Even though some of us were mere acquaintances before the wedding, we all bonded over the fact that this bride meant so much to us, and I can only hope that being surrounded by girlfriends from all different parts of her life made the morning of the wedding even more special for her!

I’ve written lots about bridesmaid fashion and styling ideas on Something Pretty, but today, I rounded up some great bridesmaid gifts–the perfect tokens of appreciation for a bride to give to her favorite girls. The best part? Each  pick is under $50!

1. BaubleBar Crystal Cushion Cut Studs

2. Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance

3. Essie Resort Collection Mini 4-Pack

4. Kate Spade by Crane Stationery, Letterpress Celebrations Assortment

5. Kate Spade Idiom Bangle in Yellow/Cream

I’m a big believer in showing appreciation for both the big and small things people do, whether that’s through a handwritten note or a plate of homemade cookies. Bridesmaids often put forth lots of time and money to make sure the bride has a wonderful and smooth wedding day, so I definitely think that giving a small gift is still a very appropriate gesture. There are lots of options that are thoughtful and still budget-friendly for a bride who just spent a pretty penny on her wedding. Anyone interested in an under $25 post as well? Let me know!








  1. Dana says:

    i wouldnt mind some little essies or a kate spade bracelet! nail polish or accessories that match the dresses would also be cute so the items can be wore immediately on the big day!

  2. Lena says:

    What a sweet memory–I can’t wait to get ready on my big day, and to have the women who mean the world to you there is just the icing on top of a wonderful day!

  3. Rhiannon says:

    I absolutely adore Kate Spade bangles and couldn’t agree more with you, Lise! They are the perfect bridesmaid gift :)


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