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Inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy


Over the weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to meet Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent for Jacqueline Kennedy while John F. Kennedy was president. He was also the Secret Service agent who jumped onto the back of the car that the Kennedys were in when JFK was assassinated. After decades of silence on the subject, Mr. Hill has written an intimate memoir, Mrs. Kennedy and Me, with Lisa McCubbin, who is a friend of my family. While in Houston over the weekend on their book tour, Mrs. McCubbin and Mr. Hill came over to my parents’ house, and I was thrilled to be able to go home and meet with them. I read the book just a few weeks ago and was overwhelmed by how heartbreaking and charming it is, all at the same time. It made me admire Jackie Kennedy more than ever, and I truly cannot recommend it highly enough! Meeting Mr. Hill was such a wonderful experience, and my whole family was touched by what an extraordinary gentleman he is.

There’s a line in the book from when Mr. Hill visits Hammersmith Farm, where Jackie Kennedy grew up. He says, “I could just imagine how it must have looked on September 12, 1953, when twelve hundred people attended the wedding reception for Jack Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier. It must have been spectacular.” Of course, I jumped online right away to look for pictures, and I must say, I think this is the wedding that will forever be one of my biggest inspirations.

Isn’t it just exquisite? The picture of her alone with her veil blowing in the wind is one I know I’ll refer to continually for blogging inspiration, and someday for my own wedding inspiration as well. Let’s just say that if I get married in Amsale’s Dahlia, no one should be surprised!

Be sure to check out the book, Mrs. Kennedy and Me, if you’re looking for an amazing summer read. Let me know if you love it as much as I do!



All wedding pictures by Lisa Larsen from the LIFE archive, via Retronaut






  1. Dana says:

    i love the picture with her and all the men! it’s so adorable.

  2. Kristen says:

    so charmingggggg i love the kennedys :)

  3. Lena says:

    I’m absolutely swooning–Jackie and John’s wedding, along with the gorgeous photo shoot in Funny Face, are hands down my biggest wedding inspirations!

  4. » Love List says:

    […] it just me, or has April flown by crazily fast? From Easter to my birthday weekend to meeting Clint Hill, it’s been quite the whirlwind, but also a pretty fantastic month! Next week is my last week […]

  5. Rhiannon says:

    A striped tent?! That photo of them dancing is MARVELOUS!

  6. We so enjoyed seeing you, Lisa. What a wonderful blog! You are a very talented young lady. Mr. Hill sends his regards.

  7. M.Morrisette says:

    Hi Lisa,I totally agree with you about Mr.Hill & Mrs. McCubbin. Wonderful people.
    I’m sure the wedding at Hammersmith Farm was wonderful,Jackie was happy and sad at rhe same time,her father did not get to give her away,and did you know that the wedding dress she had planned to wear was ruined in a flood?
    The song that Senator and Mrs.John Kennedy danced to was I Married an Angel. Mr. Kennedy was a remarkable lady I’m sad she’s not here today, but I am glad she was spared knowing what John Jr’s fate was. She loved her children. She raised them well. –

  8. M. Smith says:

    I have now read back to back Mrs. Kennedy and Me and The Kennedy Detail. Both are fantastic looks into an era the I feel is long gone in the history of this country. I could not put either one down and they are excellent reads for anyone who is interested in the Kennedy era. I only hope that one day Mr Hill realizes that he was a standout in his service to this country and deserves every accolade he received from a public who saw him for what he was – the person who protected a very special lady.


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