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All Wrapped Up


I have never, ever been one to let myself think about Christmas before Thanksgiving. That is, until this year. Personally, I blame Pinterest! And Michael Buble for his oh-so-smooth Christmas album…it’s about time he graced us with a Christmas album, and it’s not my fault it came out in November. :)

One thing I’m getting extra excited for is Christmas shopping, not only because I love picking out presents for people, but because I love wrapping gifts as well. I’ve been wrapping presents on behalf of my dad and little brother for ages, and in the past year or so, I’ve been having more fun with it by adding cute ribbons and tags. This year, I plan to go all out thanks to some fabulous inspiration I’ve been stumbling upon! Here are some of my favorite ideas.

 {Big colorful bows via Oh Lovely Day}

{Newspaper and oversized initial gift tags, via The Crafting Chicks}

{Romantic and unexpected color combinations, like blush and gold, via Designsgirl}

{Doilies and red patterned ribbon, via decor8}

{Graphic black and white stripes, via House & Home}

{Kraft paper and glitter ribbon, via Besotted Brand}

I also compiled a few of my favorite must-haves, from gift-wrapping heaven, aka Paper Source:

 {1. Urban Snowflakes Wrapping Paper 2. Candy Cane Duct Tape 3. Assorted Letterpress Holiday Tags 4. Gold Glitter Wrapping Paper}

And if you’re stuck on what to put inside all this pretty wrapping paper, my friend Lena on La Petite Coquin is doing a gift guide this week, and I know it is going to be nothing short of amazing!

Are you letting yourself dream about Christmas quite yet? :)








  1. I blame Pinterest too Lisa! I’ve been thinking all about decorations and Christmas cards, I’m getting so excited! Anthropologie has some really cute wrapping paper right now and I want it so bad!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’m pretty bad about Christmas shopping early. I’m guilty of listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving every year, and as of now, I am two gifts short of my total (21) for Christmas this year… we do have to take ours down for Thanksgiving since we’re flying home for Christmas, but it’s a little ridiculous :) …and we’re buying a tree this weekend.

    Who made the law that Christmas can’t be celebrated early, anyway? No disrespect to Turkey Day, I love it too, but why can’t I love both.. early?

    (PS I got an amazing geometric print wrapping paper from Target, I’m in love)

  3. Dana says:

    im trying hard not to think about christmas, but how many times can i deny people asking me to come over to watch elf?! i also started my christmas list yesterday…and i love that giltter ribbon and wrapping with newspaper!

  4. i seriously love that glitter ribbon and am picking some up today in the prettiest shade of turquoise! it’s so funny as an event designer you’d think i’d be a great gift wrapper but i never give it a second thought. thanks to your inspiration i’ll think twice this year :)

  5. I love love love Christmas wrapping! The only bad thing about it is it has to come undone :)

  6. Lena says:

    I LOVEEE wrapping presents (no surprise there, right?) and I know I’ll be coming back to this when it’s time to buy paper! And thank you for the sweet shout-out, you darling girl!


  7. Kristen says:

    I can’t wait for my present this year!!! and i keep thinking about christmas too…mostly because i keep thinking of ideas on what to give :D

  8. I always X-mas shop early. I can’t help it – I like to get the best deals I can!

  9. Lovely roundup. The gold wrapping paper totally caught my eye!

  10. Sarah says:

    I loved this. Loved loved LOVED. Haha. I’m a little excited for Christmas.


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