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Just a Bite


I love wedding cocktail hours. It’s so much fun to mingle and catch up with old friends, as well as meet new people… especially if you’re doing all that while enjoying tasty drinks and h’ordeuvres, knowing that there is one happy newlywed couple and one awesome party coming up. I’ve only been to five weddings, and the cocktail hours have ranged from a plate of cheese and crackers, all the way to a room with every food station you can imagine lining the walls. Naturally, the time of day and your budget will help determine the size and style of your cocktail hour (or if you even choose to have one), but one thing that I think you can never go wrong with is adorable and delicious bite-sized foods.

{Mini tequila shots and fish tacos from Luna and Chloe Weddings}

{Sliders from Jose Villa}

{Seven layer dip from Go Vegan Meow}

{Mac and Cheese bites from Martha Stewart Weddings}

{Mini Milkshake Shooters from Hey Gorgeous}

{Neapolitan mini cheesecakes from Bakers Royale}

{Mini pies from The Merriment Blog}

{Banana Split Bites from Bakers Royale}

{Mini puff pastries and dipping sauce from Going to the Chapel}

Everything from savory with a kick, to the most perfectly sweet way to end a meal… I love it all! Plus, how cute do they look on display? If it’s the little details that make an event special, these tiny bites hit it out of the park.

Got a favorite? :)








  1. Aelish says:

    oh my gosh those mini fish tacos and tequila are the cutest things ive ever seen! SO TINY!!

  2. Super cute round up, Lise! I must make those neopolitan minis so soon, cause I love that stuff :) So yummy! xoxo

  3. Dana says:

    the banana splits are adorable! there should be mini waffles in here though :)
    also, mini pecan pies might make it too easy for me to eat a thousand and not notice. probably a bad idea!

  4. You’re making me so hungry! We had mini BBQ sandwiches as a late night snack at our wedding and they were a big hit. However, if I could have done the mini milkshakes I definitely would have gone that route!

  5. Lena says:

    Oh, how delicious! I love those teeny tacos and bottles of Patron-so darling!

  6. love this! yummy AND super cute! hope you are wonderful!

  7. Kristen says:

    soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! i would eat 500 of all those things, yummm


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