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Middleton and McQueen


Even though the Royal Wedding was a few weeks ago, I still find myself lingering over magazines with the smiling Will and Kate on the cover. I wasn’t all that hyped up about it beforehand, but as soon as I woke up on April 29, I got swept into the fairy tale watching recap after recap online (I didn’t have a TV :P). Undoubtedly the most talked about feature of the day was Princess Kate’s wedding gown, and it seems like the world was extremely impressed by her Alexander McQueen stunner, designed by Sarah Burton.

To get an insider’s point of view on the dress that everyone has been talking about all year, I talked to Natasha Shazana. Natasha is not only one of my great old friends (we’ve known each other since fifth grade!), she’s also an intern at Alexander McQueen and happens to be one of the most fashionable girls I have ever met. Here’s what she had to say!

{Tell us a little about yourself!}

My name is Natasha Shazana. I attend the undergraduate business school at Northeastern University with a dual concentration in Finance and Marketing. This summer I am working at Alexander McQueen in NYC as a wholesale intern. This means that I work closely with sales managers in the showrooms to handle important wholesale accounts, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. My particular focus is working with Alexander McQueen’s diffusion line, McQ.

{For people that aren’t too familiar with the brand, how would you describe the image and aesthetic associated with McQueen?}
McQueen is not your classic Burberry or your delicate Vera Wang. The image associated with Alexander McQueen is that of artistic genius by challenging the ordinary. From dresses made out of mussel shells to an entire collection based on chess pieces, McQueen’s designs are not conventional by any means. The level of detail, sharply tailored cuts, and exaggerated shapes and forms that McQueen designs are known for have earned him respect and admiration in the industry. As quoted by Francois Henri-Pinault (CEO of PPR – a luxury brands holding company of which the Alexander McQueen brand falls under), “He was one of the greatest fashion designers of his generation.”

{Why do you think Kate Middleton chose McQueen as her wedding dress designer?}
I think that the decision to wear a McQueen dress was not a tough one. A year has passed since McQueen’s death, so the timing couldn’t be anymore perfect. It felt only natural that the beautiful British bride should celebrate the big day in commemoration of a British designer, too. A celebration of this magnitude definitely called for a big name to design the wedding dress of the century.  

{What did you think of the dress? Did you find it a good choice for a modern day royal wedding? Why or why not?}
To me, the dress was stunning and Kate looked absolutely elegant in it. The sharp cinch to the waist, the long sleeve lace, and the deep V-neck accentuated Kate’s features perfectly. It wasn’t too sexy or too dramatic. I think that a long-sleeve dress is always interesting to see, wedding dress or not, because it either works or it doesn’t. In today’s society, I feel that modern brides lean towards strapless pieces as their dress of choice, so this design was indeed risky, but thanks to Sarah Burton’s couturier skills, the princess bride couldn’t have looked anymore beautiful in the regal dress.

{How do you think Kate Middleton’s now-famous dress will impact the McQueen brand/company?}
I believe that the dress prompted a reminder to the fashion world and public alike that this fashion house will continue to live strong despite Lee Alexander McQueen’s death back in February 2010. In addition, I am sure that Kate Middleton’s now-famous dress had something to do with the 43,000 people attending the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition at the Met in the first week of its opening!

Thank you so much, Natasha! Happy Monday, everyone!








  1. Dana says:

    very interesting! i could stare at her dress all day, it really was perfect!

  2. Great interview! How interesting to hear an insider’s view.

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