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April in Paris


From time to time, my wonderful boyfriend and I have movie nights… from our apartments, which are 286.64 miles away from each other. Last night we watched An Education, which, other than the super creepy old guy, we both liked a lot! So well written, fabulous soundtrack, beautiful set, and a great ending.

The main character, Jenny (played by Carey Mulligan… love her!), is a total francophile, and one of my favorite scenes was on her first trip to Paris. The lighting, the music, her cute outfit, the evening picnic overlooking the Seine…it all put Paris on my mind!

{Pictures 1 and 4 from Making Magique, 2 and 5 from Little Brown Pen, and the picture from inside Shakespeare & Company is my own :)}

While I wish I was planning an adventure to Paris, there are some fun things I’m looking forward to in my favorite month! My April adventures include my spring ballet show, my 21st birthday, a visit from John, and crossing things off of my “things to do in Pittsburgh” list, which includes the Andy Warhol Museum, The Milkshake Factory, and an apparently amazing vintage store.

What are you up to this month? Wishing you all a happy April 1st and a great weekend–don’t fall for any practical jokes today :)








  1. Kristen says:

    andy warhol museum?? milkshake factory?? vintage???? i wanna come!! this summer we’ll go to retropolis and the galleria though :D


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