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First Looks


As I mentioned on Friday, I spent the weekend hanging out with my BFF who is getting married in October! One of the many wedding-related things we discussed was if she and her groom-to-be were planning on doing a first look. First looks are something I am completely torn about! On one hand, I think girls (and guys!) typically always imagined seeing their significant other for the first time at the start of the ceremony. On the other hand, first looks give the couple a special moment before the festivities begin, and they allow for more pictures taken ahead of time so that the couple can relax more later in the day. For me, another factor I’ll think about when the time comes is that I am a major crier. I cry when they show the weddings on Say Yes to the Dress sometimes, for goodness sake, so a first look might help me keep it together during the ceremony! :P

I love these first look pictures from a handful of lovely blogs…

{Pictures from Southern Weddings Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, Hey Gorgeous, Green Wedding Shoes, and Wedding Bee}

What are your thoughts on first looks? I’d love to hear from the married ladies out there on this one especially! Why or why didn’t you decide to do a first look? Would you have done things differently?

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  1. Hi! Thanks for featuring our first look on your blog! Glad to know you like it. =)

    ~Mrs. Barrettes, Weddingbee

  2. Jadzia says:

    As an old married lady…we didn’t do “first looks” way back then, at least not formally but I’m sure some people did. I liked that our first look was when I walked down the aisle and wouldn’t change that. I did tear up walking up to the altar but was composed by the time I saw my groom! I don’t think you would cry too much – it’s different when it’s you rather than watching someone else. (But I would still suggest waterproof makeup!)

  3. Angie says:

    And don’t forget about 27 Dresses! Decisions, decisions…maybe we’ll talk with our photographer and see what he suggests too. Especially with it being evening it may be nice to take some pics beforehand in the Winery Hotel Courtyard. Hmmmm…I do like the first look at the ceremony thing a lot though…

  4. Victoria says:

    These first looks are absolutely precious!

  5. viktorija says:

    I didn’t do a first look (my photographer didn’t mention it and I honestly didn’t even think of it!), but I think it’s neat! I like the idea of someone capturing our expressions without an audience. ;)

  6. Andy Richter says:

    I was always told that it is bad luck to see your bride (groom in most of your readers’ cases) on the day of the wedding BEFORE it begins. Just like a wedding should never begin on time. I think it is an Italian thing more than anything because my mom’s Italian Grandmother showed up late on purpose so it would!

  7. Mary Lane says:

    I really wanted our first look to be at the ceremony, but the groom and our families talked me out of it. It did make the whole day run a lot smoother, but I think the moment would have been more special had we waited until the ceremony to see each other. Funny thing, though – I didn’t cry during the first look, but I DID cry at the ceremony… you’d think I would have gotten it all out of my system by then!


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