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I’ve been mentioning a big change all week and today is the day to unveil it!

I started this blog in December without much of a clear direction. I originally planned to do more of a “fashion and food” blog, which led to the name Sparkle and Spice. It’s now been three months and I’ve only blogged about food once! However, I have definitely narrowed down what I love writing about the most–fashion and weddings.

{Photo from Erin Ever After}

In order to better describe what I blog about, I’ve decided to change the name of Sparkle and Spice to Something Pretty. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and am excited to finally use it! In a nutshell, I have always had a special place in my heart for all pretty things, so that’s what I love to write about. Plus, Something Pretty alludes to the wedding adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

I’ll be changing the names of my facebook and bloglovin pages first, but I’m not changing my domain name till I look into some platform options (any recommendations? :)) Sorry for the confusion in the meantime! So basically, Something Pretty is still going to be on somethingprettyblog.com for now.

Thank you all so much for reading… I have been having so much fun blogging and I hope everyone likes the new name! Have a lovely weekend!








  1. Dana says:

    i like the new name much better!

  2. Andy Richter says:

    If you are talking about other blog platforms outside of WordPress, you could always try Google Blogger. I used that for my Austria blog. The platform is really dependent upon what you actually want from it.

  3. Yay!! Welcome to the fabulous world of wedding blogs :)

  4. Jadzia says:

    I like the new name!


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