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“They fell in love, didn’t they?”


I hadn’t watched The Notebook in a year or so until this past weekend. And yes, I know, it’s so cliche and overplayed now, but I still love it. I read the book way before seeing the movie (if you haven’t read it yet, you should!), but the movie gives us something the book doesn’t: Rachel McAdams’ gorgeous, flirty, fun, vintage outfits.

The 1940s is my favorite style decade, and even though 70s style looks like it’s going to be the biggest in 2011, there is some definite 40s influence around that I love!

Wedges with ankle straps

In the “summer romance” part of the movie, Allie is wearing wedge heels in practically every scene! Most of them have straps or ribbons around her ankles. They are the perfect girly summer shoe, and a much more stylish option over flip flops! I can’t wait to buy some. Find this cute black pair here.

Swimsuits with sweetheart necklines

So adorable and flattering. Who doesn’t love a sweetheart neckline? They are my personal favorite, and I love this retro bikini from ModCloth. Plus, they might make Ryan Gosling want to be a bird if you’re a bird…just saying. :)

Floral hair accessories

Floral hair accessories have made a big comeback recently, and I love it. They add a touch of whimsical girliness to everything from jeans and a tee to a cocktail dress and heels. This pretty headband is from Forever21.

Red lipstick with pearls

This combination has been, and most likely will be, in style forever. I think every girl should have at least one classic pearl choker in her jewelry box, and red lipstick for every skin tone can be found at Sephora.

And for the guys…. newsboy caps

Please, can all boys wear these regularly again? They can buy them here. Great. :)

There are also a few non-fashion related things from The Notebook that I hope make a comeback. Here’s my list:

1. Playing hard to get. Not in the annoying way, like not texting a guy back for two days or something, but the sweet, slightly-flirtacious way that Allie does it in the beginning of the movie. She teases him a little and doesn’t promise to go out with him, but she always flashes a smile to give Noah hope and make him want to pursue her more!

2. Men standing up when a lady walks into the room. Remember that scene where Allie visits Lon at his office? All the men he’s in a meeting with promptly stand up from their chairs to acknowledge her when she walks into the room. This little action took gentlemanliness to a whole new level in my book!

3. The word “sensational.”








  1. Victoria says:

    What a gorgeous place to find inspiration!!!

  2. Laura Marie says:

    Oh my gosh, I love everything about The Notebook… and who didn’t want to look JUST like Rachel McAdams after watching it?! So, so gorgeous.

    Great post! :)
    xx Laura Marie

  3. awwww how i love that movie… and i cried soo much in it too!! i love her headband~!! :)

  4. Oh I adore the style found in The Notebook! Just fabulous!!

    xo http://www.RavingFashionista.com


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